Coyote Falls

“Coyote Falls” Escalante National Monument, Utah

Photographer – Joshua Cripps

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A barren desert it seems is just as much a mirage

as the forest and streams.

The sandy terrain and dried out rock are places of solace within God’s Heart.

Across the rock the waters flow etching a paradise where no one goes.

Each droplet of God’s nourishment is without scarcity,

Within the divine love that is our sanctity.

In the greens that grow and the trees that sway,

There is a soulful place for God to play.

Spirit sits and waits for you and I today.

To hike the canyon high and low, to tread the dried up river bed,

to trust and believe, in the beautiful scene.

Within life’s journey, in the heat of the day,

and the dryness of this sacred land,

is a desert so lush within the heart of man.

(msuzanne,   March 28, 2012)

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Frozen In Truth


I wrote this post back in September from a photo prompt by Sue Vincent.  It took me until today to share.  Hope to be back posting more frequently.

Frozen in Truth

A frosty glaze over the grasses graze.
The creek bed still from an icy chill
under the pink and violet haze
is the heart that loves each day.

The stillness of a beating heart,
the stillness in the creative mind
The expansion of the colors of energy divine.

Life under the frost
A growth of warmth and budding dirt.
A warming heart of Mother Earth.

A tear that drops
and freezes the living earth.
Creates a blanket of warmth
And fertilizing the seeds it births.

Cold or warm
Sun or storm
is where all life is born.

Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt


A Dance of Homage


Super Moon , Gilbert, Arizona , Justin Ashton Photographer

The moon so full
So bold and bright,
It’s circular perfection a heavenly sight.

The wheat stalks so high
In gold and brown,
The grasses sway around and around.

Under the moon
The souls dance all night,
A dance of homage a divine sight.
“A rite of passage,” the Angels sing
As the souls dance under the bright moon light.

“Come…Come,” cries the Lord
“To your eternal place…your gifts on earth will
Never be replaced.
Your spirit so bright will live on in light
Your memory engraved in the hearts of form.
Your essence a thread that weaves through time,
A glue that bonds the earth and sky.
An eternal spark that never dims,
Is your lasting love contained there in.”

This poem was first blogged on this site in Feb 2013.  I repost today in honor of today’s Super Moon.

Dark Night of the Soul

This poem was previously posted and I repost today for a wonderful friend who is feeling the pains of the dark night.  He is a wonderful young man who I love dearly and like a mother.  I wish I could take his pain but I understand the Dark Night of the Soul is for his Soul’s growth.  Levon, I love you and believe in you.  I trust in God and know you will move forward and enter the light.  I ask each who read this to send him your love and light for healing of his emotional pains and a healing of his earth bound struggles.  He is deserving of great love and healing.

Running in the darkness of night,
searching blindly for light.
Life lost, in the dark night of the Soul.
A struggle with fear taking control.
In the dark night,
beauty is lost,
and pain grows,
in the place of the hollow wilted soul.
Emerging in strength the ego seizes hold.
The darkness is darker,
the light a faded memory,
forcing the soul to its knees.
Wilted, hollow the lifeless soul
sees a glimpse of the distant light.
“Keep your eyes on the light,”
echo the words of the Angels,
while quickly fleeting the dark night.
With each glance the light re-ignites
as the fears melt away.
The power of the soul
turns the darkest night into emerging grey.
“Come…Come…There is more for you to see,”
sing the Angels hovering above me.
With Fixed eyes focused on light
the damaged ego releases its hold.
The light so bright burns passion and joy
in the empty hole.
New Life is birthed in this once lost soul.

You’ve got this Levon!


This morning on my walk with King, we met a dragonfly who landed on a broken fence outside our back door. As it rested peacefully, King and I were able to move closer and closer as I took pictures. I felt grateful King did not try to eat it, as he so often does. When we finished our walk, the dragonfly was still there. It sat quietly awaiting our return. This time, I ventured even closer to get more pictures. I noticed it was pale without the bright colors usually seen. The wings translucent, and the eyes were big, so I knew this young dragonfly still had days or even weeks to mature. As it grows, it will develop its beautiful iridescent colors.


A beautiful morning,
a cool and refreshing breeze,
the sounds of ruffling leaves.
With each step the presence of God
Is engulfing me.

A beautiful morning, I cannot resist
the love, the joy, I am of all of this.

I feel my heart swell,
the tear of my Soul
I silently shed.
In this moment
There’s not a thought in my head.

A beautiful morning, I cannot resist
the love, the joy, I am of all of this.

A walk-through nature
A journey at hand
A moment of pray
My Soul expands.

A beautiful morning, I cannot resist
the love, the joy, I am of all of this.

A dragonfly appears to me.
with a flutter of its wings,
and a gaze from its eye,
it sends a transformational
message rippling on by.

A beautiful morning, I cannot resist
the love, the joy, I am of all of this.

Filled with wisdom, power and the
knowing of change.
My Soul’s expansion is beyond
the earth’s plane
Deep in the spiritual meaning of life
my Soul’s passions ignite.

A beautiful morning, I cannot resist
the love, the joy, I am of all of this.



Prompt 8.8.19

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt: Within #writephoto

Within I turn
as my ego yearns
for completion of the lies it churns.
Trying so hard to create light
from the false beliefs it burns.

My ego in a space of tumultuous hast
is trembling with the weight of its own embrace.
The weight of false belief seek relief
yet, fear keeps the ego struggling to fight
with my soul that bounds in love and light.

My soul that radiates and quietly calls
the ego by name,
to align within my human frame.

My soul of eons of age
always with patience grace and ease.
waits for me to breath.
I release the old, the lies and bolden hold,
of my aching ego to surrender to my soul.

The stone crumbles and the light ignite,
the weight released and fear is nowhere near.

From the Mist


From the mist
matter forms,
Under the trees
love is born.
Along this journey
I align in faith,
with the entire human race.

The grass and leaves colored green
are the life that love does bring.
The canopy above
filters light,
Yet, love is never blocked
from sight.

In my journey of
shades and light
I accept all things
as a statement of God’s might.
What is my destination for today?
It is to love, honor and pray.

A misty, foggy morning is a reminder to me to live in the moment and not to worry about what is unseen.  With faith in God, all will be revealed and the moment of now is quite divine.  Embrace it, live it, and love it!

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompthttps://wordpress.com/read/feeds/3193846/posts/2364018281

In a Nights Work


My heart afire in the setting sun
darkness looms and fills my lungs.
Breathing out to clear a space
for light to shine upon my face.

Swirling through time my soul does race
to the dimension of time and space.
As darkness falls so does divine grace,
Into a hellish place; for those that live
in egotic haste.

I push and fight to find the space
that moves through time to my heavenly place.
During this night, I chose to serve
other souls born to the human race.

I love the soul who is newly birthed
and support with wisdom what’s required for Earth.
As the night fades, my work is done,
my soul returns to my human one.


Writers Prompt: Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/3193846/posts/2356084250




Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt: Clarity #writephoto
Posted on July 18, 2019 by Sue Vincent


The gentle breezes sway the grasses on the sandy beach

clears the cobwebs from my thoughts and reach.

The gritty sand of grays and white

Is like the annoying thoughts I chose to fight.

The lapping waves grabbing at the shore

steal the sand to return no more.

Lay myself down in the riverbed to feel the water swells

engulf my head.

Looking up to see in the sky

the breath of God moves on by.

The clouds a swirl of white and blue

create a path for my Soul to move.

Releasing all thoughts, fears and dreams

is the gift that clarity brings.

Whether on water of rocky land

the portal for God is through the heart of man.

Through these eyes I chose to see

all the parts of this beautiful scene.

Merge into one and never alone

my soul exist in this magnificent home.

Whether here or in the artic sea

my soul embraces God’s clarity.


The phase “the heart of man”, is symbolic and inclusive of all human kind, sexes, religions, nationalities, and sexual preferences.


The Heron

Monday’s sighting                             Tuesday’s Heron


Silently stalking,
Standing perfectly still,
The Heron’s eye searching the water so chilled.
Thin legs hold the weight of the bird,
A neck so long with ease it curves.
Graceful and elegant it stands,
In silence it waits on shallow water and land.
With a darting move it captures a meal
With barely a ripple of water to feel.
Elegantly, it lifts’ up to the sky to soar.
A bird of wisdom, intelligence, and grace.
A spiritual plight to move forward
in belief of what feels right.

Today was the second day I saw a Heron by the creek where King and I walk.  While they are not a common bird in this area, they do stop by ponds and creeks from time to time.  The Heron has many spiritual meanings and the most common is self reliance, strength, following your heart and what you know is right in the face of adversity and judgement.