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Recently in a writers group I attend a wonderfully sensitive and creative woman shared a piece she channeled.  I am printing a portion of that piece here as the words resonated within me and intrigued my need to understand…to accept…to know.

“The knowledge of all science, the keys to the universe are within our own galaxy of the space we refer to as our heart.  With all this glorious magnitude, its structure is also fragile, as fragile as fine crystal, holding the wealth of knowledge that is contained in one trickling tear drop, go no further and ponder on this statement, feeling in your heart when a tear rolls down your face.  One teardrop has your very quantified information encapsulated for the world to learn from, think about it, your very one teardrop placed under a magnifying glass would tell the universe your very life story from the beginning of the first moment in time.  That’s how big we are yet so fragile. But we do not have the equipment for this technology yet in the physical world and we will never need it because we can feel it.  When we are in the state of love or the space of compassion for all, we look into the eyes of our human brothers and sisters and into the very space before we blink our eyes exchange a magnitude of information that gets processed within a complex system of biosphere.  Can we slow down and feel our lives and remember the importance of a feeling we have put over there to the side, until later, and later, and later?  Some of us hold this gift of grace, few I suspect.  Speaking from the woman called Regina. “


Yesterday, Sunday July 1, at my spiritual center there were students of Barbara Marx Hubbard who presented a movie and brief discussion.  The main premise of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s teaching is we can be proactive and lead our future through a “Conscious Evolution.”

“What if we come together at an unprecedented scale to cleanse, ourselves of violence, commit ourselves to health, pledge ourselves to generosity, and state our intention for a new kind of world where we are all respectful, loving members of a single human family living in harmony with all creation?” (B.M.Hubbard,  Birth 2012)

So now you are wondering what does this have to do with Regina.  Last evening I was reading the book,  “Birth 2012 And Beyond, Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution,” by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  And in chapter 1 was the following, the “Universe Story is actually imprinted in our hearts, our bodies, and in our souls.”   So while Regina’s piece captured my attention it is interesting to me that I have lived 51 years without ever hearing that, and now in two different places, I am taking in the same message.  Thank you Regina, thank you Barbara Mar Hubbard, and thank you to her students for sharing this message.


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