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Silent Reflection

Silent Reflection (HDR) – Loch Rusky, Scotland – Karl Williams

photo posted on Photobotos.com 9/23/2012

There is a silent reflection of the world turned upside down,

In a thought cloud spinning the universe,

Around and around.

A cloud of confusion, loss and hate,

A cloud that must dissipate.

Within the heart of God tears do fall,

As the love of humans turns to hate,

Unrest breeds and denies Divine fate.

In the sadness of human life,

The beauty of God deserted by man.

The beauty still there is hidden by hate.

It is the chains of anger and greed,

That created this cloud spinning the world

Into a place we cannot retreat.

The rays of the sun and moon vibrate alone,

The life within whittled down to the bone.

The colors of flowers fading without light,

As the human arms are raised to fight.

Within our hearts and mind God cries to us,

“Put down the guns and turn from hate…

For I cannot allow this cloud to procreate.”

All that is…is within the mind of the All,

And the ALL can never fall.

So on the earth where the humans live,

Where free choice a gift may soon not exist.

Within God, hate will not grow.

As the Spirit is the essence of All.

Human life exist within the mind of God,

And hate and greed will succumb to Divine fate.

The Lord will save his beloved souls from the human fight.

As the earth spins away

Leaving the cloud to dissipate.


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It is with sadness in my heart that today, International Day of Peace, is filled with anger and hate all around the world.  The most recent events of the American Film maker and his video has deliberately and intentionally hurt others.  I am so blessed to live in America where I have the freedom of speech, yet, with that freedom come great accountability to use words for the good of all.   No American has the right to use their privilege to hurt others.   I am also blessed with another great gift…the gift given by the Divine…by God.  The “FREEDOM TO CHOOSE,’ …today I choose love…I choose to use my words to deny anger, turn from hate, to love my brothers and sisters around the world.  You are all my family…Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and all religions, we are one in this incredible universe.  We are one all connected through our hearts and love for God.

Several weeks ago I started working on this poem.  It was different for me and I was not sure where it was coming from.  As Peace day was approaching I know I would post it today.  Then the violence started.  Now I know, through prayer and meditation I have been called to reach out to all of you to join in hearts of love to denounce the violence.  I ask each of you to write something special today for Peace.  Boldly and confidently ask all your followers, friends, and family to put in their consciousness, thoughts and words of Peace…Use prayer…use meditation…use your words and thoughts to raise the peace vibrations around the world.  If we all start today with this we can spread the peace to millions very quickly.    I will use the words “peace…and world peace,” in mediation for the next few days and possibly weeks and months until the hurt is healed.   Regardless of where we live, or what our life situation is, we all have free choice…the choice to love, the choice to respect, the choice to embrace the beauty and divine nature of others.

Millions of stars sparkle in the sky.

Lighting the night, for human wishes to glide.

Under the stars the poets dream,

Lovers love, and conceive wishful things.

Stars illuminate the night,

Filling the earth with hope and light.

Upon the earth the humans roam,

Looking high into the night.

With wonder in their minds

They wish on the stars shinning bright.

They dream a dream

That all in the universe is alright.

What if the stars in the sky started to fight?

Grabbing and seizing each other’s light.

Seeing only what the other has,

And what they think they might.

With guns, tanks, and missiles,

The stars fight a selfish fight,

Extinguishing each other’s light.

Upon the earth the darkness falls.

Dimming the love and dreams of all.

Now, what if the stars looked down upon the earth,

And see trillions of humans as energy burst.

With great energy the earth does shine…

And the beauty grows like autumn sweet on a leafy vine.

Now what if, within that sight,

The stars watch the humans fight.

Wars between races, religions, and nationalities,

Spilled blood fills the land and water ways.

Waterfalls of misery cascade along the earth.

And the beauty once there,

Now violently fading away.

So perhaps the story should be told

That the stars shine bright each and every night.

The humans live with harmony flowing from heart to heart.

And love ignites both the sky and land,

And the universe of God flourishes.

So if you look up in the sky,

Or the stars look down on the land,

All will shine with Spirits Divine Light.

And through the message of love all will exist

In God’s eternal bliss.

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