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Many Blessings!

Hi Everyone,

As the end of the month is approaching I have found myself a little behind in my work.  Since starting this blog I spend many hours reviewing other blogs and working on my poems.  Since I am self-employed this approach felt to be working for a while and now I have deadlines fast approaching.   So I will return as soon as I am caught up.  Very soon!  At that time I will address the awards and will let the writing flow.  This is just a gentle reminder that I need to balance my life and my passions.  Wishing you many blessings!

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It is early spring

The birds sing the Lords song.

The sun sneaks up over the lawn

Warming the new life that’s born.

The dew covered grass

Glistens in the light.

A little rabbit nibbles in delight.

The bees go buzzing bye

To find a sweet flower

On which to dine.

The butterfly dances across the sky

In all this I see

The Lord’s Smile

Spread across the clear blue sky.


For as long as I can remember the beauty of nature has always moved me.  Even as a child I would love to watch the dawning day from my bed room window.  In the dark I would sit and listen to the sounds of the night.  The rain and snow falling has never stopped  engaging me.   It was and still is in these sounds and sights… I see God.    This particular poem I never named.   So today I will call it “God Needs No Name.”  As god is Omnipresent.

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Forgotten Coastal Portugal

“Forgotten” – Coast of Portugal – Nelson Bolinhas – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  May 24, 2012


Let us forget about sin.

To the Spirit within

Sin is just a hell on earth.

A thought of confusion

Born to this place and time.

It is a mind without clarity.

A mind without truth

Of the love of God.

Sin is in the shade of gray

Where spiritual light

Has faded away.

So quickly turn back to the light

And enter the consciousness of the Lord.

For on your journey it is always there.

On your journey sin is only a lapse in mind

It has no power or commitment to you.

It only imitates the right thing to do.

With your eyes on your inner light

All things will be aright.

For there is no sin

Within the universe.

For God is Love and

Not a curse.


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Beautiful Blogger Award

I want to thank Soumyav for this very thoughtful nomination.  She has been a great inspiration to me with her beautiful poetry and the diversity in her thoughts and writing.  Blogging has brought me great joy and love hearing from others in this world that I would never have met without the internet.  Thank you!

  1. Nominate other blogs that you enjoy to receive this award.
  • http://meirozavian.wordpress.com  Mei’s blog was one of the first blog’s I started to follow. And this blog has never disappointed me.  She is a very insightful writer who shares the depths of emotions and experiences.  Mei also uses the writings of our great poets to create a platform for emotional and spiritual growth.
  • http://malouprestado.com  Malou’s blog is full of beautiful pictures and wonderful entries on her travels, family, experiences and some great recipes.  After reading her blog I often feel as if I have been traveling with her.
  • http://www.apoetsjournal.wordpress.com Carol is a fun and light hearted blogger.  In her time on the internet she has been developing a beautiful blog with thoughtful post and awesome photographs. Check out her poetry
  • www.clownrhyms.wordpress.com I have been very impressed with this blog as Corey is a fun poet to follow.  His site is open to others and he host poetry challenges.  I think what impresses me the most, besides his young age, is his commitment to highlighting work that are thought provoking and elevate the social consciousness of his readers.

While I have nominated four blogs here I know there are many others in the blogging community that are worthy of being honored.  It is evident to me that it is important to keep myself open to other blogs as they all support my personal and spiritual growth.  Also, the diversity in all these blogs are helping me to grow in my craft and have highlighted my desire to expand how I write poetry.   So stay tuned as I start to learn more about the poetry craft to expand my use of words and imagery.

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“A New Day”  The Dolomites, Italy,  Matteo Zanvettor – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com May 13, 2012


Rocks reaching high

The sky bends low

The Lord whispers in the air

That embraces the land below.

Moss on the rocks,

Sun in the sky,

Clouds in the way

Blocking sight of the glorious rays.

Joy in hearts,

Worry in minds,

Blocking the truth of what is real.

In an explosive roar

The rocks erupt from the loving core.

Just as Anger that has been stored.

Hatred festers,

Love ignored,

From it comes the horrors or war.

It is our thoughts that procreate

The culture of love

Or the state of hate.


Today I choose to love!

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Eight years ago I knelt with my hands in the dirt

I planted a young vine with love and mirth.

I watered and fed the vine

While I dreamed of the flowers it would bring.

Across the lattice the branches did spread

The leaves so gently popped their head.

For eight years I waited to see the flowery crown.

Now with a lush fullness the flower buds bring.

A lacy white top that makes my heart sing.

A climbing hydrangea so lush and pure

A beautiful flower that climbs,

From the dirt floor.

In the cup like petals

Is a heartfelt of love.

In the sunlight shines the truth

In the flowering world this is the symbol

Of life’s enduring beauty and grace.

For me this is what I have waited eight years to see.

In 2004 I planted a climbing hydrangea in my garden.  Each year the branches spread across the lattice fencing.  And each year I waited to see the flowers bloom.  Last year the flower buds started to open until we had an early heat wave in May.   The young tender petals were scorched in the bright burning sun.  So this year I have been very eager to see the full hydrangea flowers.  Yesterday,  I counted 8 blooms starting to open.

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“Manarola” – Manarola, Italy 

 Inge Johnsson – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 15, 2012


There is a city of the Lord

Built upon the rocks.

Below the water flows

As a road for

Travelers to come and go.

In the city of the Lord

The lights and lamps set it a glow.

It is a city that has withstood

The furry of nature and the

Lives of millions

Who walk the stones

To the shore.

In every city across the world

Is the divinity of the Lord.

It is within the buildings.

Within the shops

And within the churches

Standing on the rocks.

There is always light that shines

Where ever life exist.

It is the people who know the light

That bring peace and love

To the land.

It is the children who play

And smile to bring

Joy to the town each day.

It is within every town

That the eternal light of God

Can be found.

It is within every heart

To grow love from a rock.


“Falling Tide” – Manarola, Le Cinque Terre, Italy 

 Elia Locardi – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  May 18, 2012

Falling Tide Vernazza Cinque Terre Italy

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