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Beneath the sky at night

I look into my soul

Where I’ve hid the secrets

From the ancient scrolls.

The old pain lingers

In the depth of my heart.

It is in the darkness of misery

Where I stored the old.

As I stand in the Present

My past so cold

The fears of eons ago

Ravished my soul.

I find the message

Of forgiveness

In a hidden place

Where life begins

For the human race.

 My Life is a blessing

That took me so long to hold.

Now when I search my heart

I turn from the old.

I find the warmth

And light a blazing.

I find the love

Of God Amazing.

All the goodness

Of God within

Is bubbling over

My heart’s brim.

So it is time now

For me to find

My life is mine to define.


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