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In a place so far away,

is a land where the fairies play.

A place beneath the sky,

with clouds that ride,

the winds that tie the skies,

as the Infinite flies.

It is in the place that the fairies play

that the trees sway to the gentle breeze,

and the fairy dance shakes the leaves.

Within this garden is a misty air.

And on the floor in the garden beds

beneath the stems

of the Flowers that grow

the children run and climb

and nap upon the silken vines.

Within the flower head

lay the infants nestled in bed.

The petals cover the little ones.

And in the hand of God spans the Fairy Land

a place where dreams and wishes come true.

A place where Love Is dripping In the morning dew.

The sunlight glistens on all that grows.

And when it sets the moon light

floods the fields below.

It is in this magical place

of fairy land

that Spirit blesses

all creatures here

with grace and power for this sphere.

And it is here that the Spirit

mystically appears

and dances the dance

as the energy flows

and ignites the world aglow.

All living here are bathed

in the energy of the Loving One.

They are the purest of pure

of God’s energy source.

They are the illuminating rays

that filters into the earthly plane.

Within this mystical place

is pure love

over flowing for the human race.

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