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During the night

With the candles aglow

I listen to the wind blow.

The rain fall cascading down

Crashes loudly on the ground.

The sounds of the rain

Is a song from the Lord

That lulls me to sleep.

I watch the lacy curtains dance

As the gust of wind

Send the ceiling fan in a spin.

The sounds of the storm echoes

Throughout the darkened room.

The crack of thunder rumbles

Like a furious snore.

Soaring lightning rods illuminate the sky

While the room shadows catch my eyes.

The tumultuous air calms

As the clouds glide slowly by.

It is the whisper of the Spirit

Within the storm I hear.

As the message of love

Settles my fears.

On a stormy night like this

There is great joy and Eternal bliss

For the storm within the Universe

Is where all life begins.


I always love the sound of a spring storm.

Last night I fell asleep to the Lord

Singing me a lullaby in the cascading rain.

This morning I awoke to Spirit’s gentle breath humming in my ear

As the soft rain was hitting my window pane.

There is so much love in a storm like this.

I am eternally grateful for this earthly bliss.


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