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In the mirror I look

Wanting to see

What the universe holds for me.

What form of love, happiness or prosperity?

I sit and wait for the mirror to reveal

The story of my fate.

Where all I see is a world

revolving around me

I am so puzzled by this reflection.

The reflection meant to set me free.

Yet, I am confused by what I don’t see.

Has my Spirit deserted me?

“Oh No…Oh No…I am still here, “

Says the spirit within.

“You asked what the world has to offer you.

So there it appears in all its beauty.

So now the rest is up to you

To work within the universe

And with your thoughts and passions

The world will give you the life you deserve.”

So I closed my eyes to contemplate

And the whisper within said,

“To write, teach, and heal is your fate.

To find your true love is the icing on the cake”

So now I sit and write this poem

And pray my words

Fall lovingly on you today.

And wonder if that special man

Is on his way.

Sometimes when I write my poems I think they sound a little corny.  But that does not seem to matter they make me smile and feel great joy.  I have to smile at the end of this poem as I remember when I was a teenager a  middle age woman flirting with my father, and then again when I was in my thirty’s an older women just laid it out there that she was on the hunt and my Dad was the prey.  Both times I was taken aback by their boldness and both times I thought they were just too darn old for dating.  Now as a middle age woman I find myself wondering if that special man is on his way.  Now, I don’t see myself as being too darn old.


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