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One of a kind Zhangjiajie National Park

“One of a Kind” – Zhangjiajie National Park, China–Thomas Dawson- Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com May 7, 2012


Within a land of hills and trees

Stands mountainous rocks

That tower above the valley low.

Greenery that grows into the misty sky

Above the clouds that drift by.

It is a place of mystic joy

A place of peace

In an earthly plane.

It is an exotic land

That spans the ancient

Space and time.

It is one of a kind

Locked into the

Universal Mind.

It’s uniqueness

Is for all to see

A place of mystery

Of the old and new

China entwined.

The beauty and intrigue

Of such a spot

Is a haven for a heavenly lot.

A place where time has stopped

As the world swirls out of control

The Lord creates a place

For spirits to play.

And man to comprehend

The holy scrolls.

It is a place that takes

Your breath away.

A place to kneel and pray.

A place where ancient spirits lay

The path of God in an ancient land.

A path of the old and new entwined

A place for all people to see

Their own inner Divinity

All One in God…

God One in All.


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