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Gently the breeze blows in..

Quietly the seasons change…

The sun bright and high…

Blows a kiss to the winter good bye…

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Throughout my life I have been blessed to meet so many incredible people. They are successful, creative, or just plain wonderful for the love they give. It is easy to remember them for their presence and tangible gifts that I see, hear or receive. Sometimes the most inspiring people to me are the ones that touched many people before me and now journey a path that only a few share with them. They have gone from a dynamic individual, and often a life of service for their family, their community, their church, or for the nation, to a journey much different than the one they once lived. They have gone from their peak of greatness to their physical and mental decline. By the time we meet their abilities are so different than who they once were and who others believed them to be. Some are loved unconditionally, yet many are caught in the emotional struggle of family. Loved ones often fear losing them as they were, and fear seeing them in who they have become. Nursing has blessed me to see the beauty in their journey and to be touched by their spirits presence regardless of the frail physical form. Today I write in honor of the gift of love they give me in sharing their presence.

                               •¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •**¨*•¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆                                                                                 


Ode to an Elderly Women

Living within the wrinkled flesh
Sitting before me looking a mess,
Sucking oxygen to take the next breath.
Hair gray and thin crumpled in a birds nest.
Spoken words inaudible
Rotting odor on your breath.
Eyes glassed over as your
Spirit gazes back at me.
I hear it say, “I’m almost free!”
Your earthly years old and wise
Your soul’s life far beyond the human mind.
What a journey your life has been,
A mother, a wife, a business women,
Who survived life’s strife.
Once a beauty that men craved,
You would flash a smile and wear the fashion craze.
Now a sack of bones that just break,
As your dirty clothing hides your loving grace.
Once athletic, chasing your dream,
Now locked in your past is all you see.
Who you are today you do not know
But the past memories give you a loving glow.

•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •**¨*•¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Ode to a Veteran

A man so proud who went off to war
A strong man, husband, father and so much more.
Now shattered, limbless, with an injured brain,
You smile with joy as if you were the same.
Your earthly years young compared too many
Your body worn from the anger of war.
You valiantly gave your physical form
For the love of country that you adore.
Your soul’s life far beyond the human mind.
What a journey you have embarked
As you left your life behind.
The gifts from God is all you see
As I greet your spirit each time we met.
My journey regardless of length in time
Has been blessed by the smile you shine.

•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •**¨*•¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆

These poems do not represent any one person. They are a collection of characteristic that are commonly seen in many clients. Namaste, mary


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On the land in a thicken mass

Is a patch of sun catching grass.

Seeded deep within the earth,

Are prickly stalks with fiery burst.

Large heads tilted up to the infinite sky,

With rough green leaves open to the breeze.

It’s sun laden thirst sends the flowery burst

To chase the sun in a circadian flirt.

The petal heads with a multitude of seeds

Sustain life for the birds and bees.

When the winds blow hard the seeds do fly

Across the land to the other side.

And soon the new patch of sun will start to bloom.

Bloom and bloom the sun flower sways in the wind,

Like a giant among the patch of grass,

The sunflower seeds will continue on its path.

To procreate it’s burst of color

And to send it’s seeds to another.

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I trust you are not perfect, as I

I trust you to be safe with the truth, as I

I trust to hold your hand in the darkest of nights, as I

I trust that when you fall, I will help you walk as I

I trust you to always see me through the things I fear, as I

I trust in you, for you, as I

The name Comanche Creed

The name being held in grace, as I

Submitted By Regina

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Donner Party – Donner Lake, California – Elizabeth Carmel

www.photobotos.com  June 27, 2012


Lost in the caverns of my heart

Is my love for you.

Buried deep within

Is all you mean to me.

Letting love grow

And my fears fade away.

Standing in the light my life ignites,

Like fireworks in the night.

Trusting you is a simple thing to do.

Loving you… Loving me,

Allowing you to love me,

Is where I choose to be.

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Tunnel of Trees Cloister Gormanston College

Tunnel of Trees”  Gormanstown College, Co Meath, Ireland,   Martina Fagan, Photographer

www.photobotos.com   June 2, 2012


For judgment day we sit and wait

Judgment day still so far away.

Judgment is our fate.

In the field of judgment we let our children play.

In the bed of judgment we lay.

In the tunnel of darkened light

Judgment finds it way.

Upon the political leader the judgment falls.

The court calls the life sentence,

People in unrest want justice for all.

Judgment good or bad…

Is it a part of the divine plan?

Judgment a manmade thing,

Gives power to those who lead.

And fear to those who breathe.

Where is the peace when we crumble to our knees?

Where is God’s Divinity when we fear the people who lead?

The seed of judgment rooted deep…

Is the foundation on which we weep…

Weep in fear…

Weep in pain…

Weep from the damage of the judging word.

Judge others…

Judge ourselves…

Wear the mask of Judgment,

Blocking sight of the internal flame.

As judgment turns us from the God within

Judgment can’t break our spirit,

It just breeds lies and pain.

Judgment a companion of lust and greed.

The prison guard that chains the judged to a verdict of deceit.

An illusion of right and wrong…

Turn from judgment to the Truth

Ask yourself…

“Do I see the light of God in the judgments I make?”

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“A New Day”  The Dolomites, Italy,  Matteo Zanvettor – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com May 13, 2012


Rocks reaching high

The sky bends low

The Lord whispers in the air

That embraces the land below.

Moss on the rocks,

Sun in the sky,

Clouds in the way

Blocking sight of the glorious rays.

Joy in hearts,

Worry in minds,

Blocking the truth of what is real.

In an explosive roar

The rocks erupt from the loving core.

Just as Anger that has been stored.

Hatred festers,

Love ignored,

From it comes the horrors or war.

It is our thoughts that procreate

The culture of love

Or the state of hate.


Today I choose to love!

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Eight years ago I knelt with my hands in the dirt

I planted a young vine with love and mirth.

I watered and fed the vine

While I dreamed of the flowers it would bring.

Across the lattice the branches did spread

The leaves so gently popped their head.

For eight years I waited to see the flowery crown.

Now with a lush fullness the flower buds bring.

A lacy white top that makes my heart sing.

A climbing hydrangea so lush and pure

A beautiful flower that climbs,

From the dirt floor.

In the cup like petals

Is a heartfelt of love.

In the sunlight shines the truth

In the flowering world this is the symbol

Of life’s enduring beauty and grace.

For me this is what I have waited eight years to see.

In 2004 I planted a climbing hydrangea in my garden.  Each year the branches spread across the lattice fencing.  And each year I waited to see the flowers bloom.  Last year the flower buds started to open until we had an early heat wave in May.   The young tender petals were scorched in the bright burning sun.  So this year I have been very eager to see the full hydrangea flowers.  Yesterday,  I counted 8 blooms starting to open.

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The air is cold

the moon shines bright

with the stars of life.

The town is silent

except for the cries of a clown.

A sad clown

that brings joy to everyone

with his balloons and tricks.

He is the same clown

that wares an upside down frown by day.

But at night his smile goes away.

It slides away with the joys of each day

He is happy by day

For it is people

that make his heart feel young and gay.

When he walks through the door

His life unravels and falls to the floor.

Oh beautiful clown

please let your smile grow.

I love you more than you could ever know.



As a child and teenager I always liked clowns.  This poem was not about a particular clown.  It was a self-reflection of how I was feeling at that time in my life.  On the outside I was happy and people saw me as so.  Yet, inside I was sad.  Today, I cannot remember what event may have triggered these emotions.  But it is most likely when I was 16 years of age, and was “grounded for life,” as my father would say.  Social isolation for a teenage through a summer is like a life sentence.

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fairy9.gif image by Victorianangel_album

In a place so far away,

is a land where the fairies play.

A place beneath the sky,

with clouds that ride,

the winds that tie the skies,

as the Infinite flies.

It is in the place that the fairies play

that the trees sway to the gentle breeze,

and the fairy dance shakes the leaves.

Within this garden is a misty air.

And on the floor in the garden beds

beneath the stems

of the Flowers that grow

the children run and climb

and nap upon the silken vines.

Within the flower head

lay the infants nestled in bed.

The petals cover the little ones.

And in the hand of God spans the Fairy Land

a place where dreams and wishes come true.

A place where Love Is dripping In the morning dew.

The sunlight glistens on all that grows.

And when it sets the moon light

floods the fields below.

It is in this magical place

of fairy land

that Spirit blesses

all creatures here

with grace and power for this sphere.

And it is here that the Spirit

mystically appears

and dances the dance

as the energy flows

and ignites the world aglow.

All living here are bathed

in the energy of the Loving One.

They are the purest of pure

of God’s energy source.

They are the illuminating rays

that filters into the earthly plane.

Within this mystical place

is pure love

over flowing for the human race.

candy20haired.gif image by wakeupinthemorningfeelinglikepdiddy

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