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Masai Mara Lion

“Embracing the Wind” – Masai Mara, Kenya – David Lloyd – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  posted May 6, 2012



Whether astrological or a beast

The Lion is the King at the royal feast.

The ruler of the animal world.

The leader with pride that extends

Beyond the African plains.

So majestic with a golden mane

So strong is his physical frame.

The Lion an earthly ruler

Created with the Spirit of God

Is the father of his animal tribe.

When he roars the elephants

And gazelles stop to listen.

To the words of the Animal Lord.

With Pride he leads

With knowing he sees

The kingdom of God at his feet.

With his head held high

He inhales deep

Taking in the scent of the winds

That carries the message of his divinity.

He is regal and majestic in his ways

He is the King of the animal land

And the ruler of the milky-way.


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In the mirror I look

Wanting to see

What the universe holds for me.

What form of love, happiness or prosperity?

I sit and wait for the mirror to reveal

The story of my fate.

Where all I see is a world

revolving around me

I am so puzzled by this reflection.

The reflection meant to set me free.

Yet, I am confused by what I don’t see.

Has my Spirit deserted me?

“Oh No…Oh No…I am still here, “

Says the spirit within.

“You asked what the world has to offer you.

So there it appears in all its beauty.

So now the rest is up to you

To work within the universe

And with your thoughts and passions

The world will give you the life you deserve.”

So I closed my eyes to contemplate

And the whisper within said,

“To write, teach, and heal is your fate.

To find your true love is the icing on the cake”

So now I sit and write this poem

And pray my words

Fall lovingly on you today.

And wonder if that special man

Is on his way.

Sometimes when I write my poems I think they sound a little corny.  But that does not seem to matter they make me smile and feel great joy.  I have to smile at the end of this poem as I remember when I was a teenager a  middle age woman flirting with my father, and then again when I was in my thirty’s an older women just laid it out there that she was on the hunt and my Dad was the prey.  Both times I was taken aback by their boldness and both times I thought they were just too darn old for dating.  Now as a middle age woman I find myself wondering if that special man is on his way.  Now, I don’t see myself as being too darn old.

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Mother Nature is a Beauty you see,

She’s a Diva that grows the flowers and trees.

She awakens the hibernating community,

And sends a message of divinity

In the glory of spring.

She is the sweetness in the season’s honey

And the irony in the sting of the bee.

She’s a tyrant that throws fits of rage

In hurricanes and tornados for all to see.

She is the rainbow of hope that reaches out

To the shattered below.

She is the lightning strike with nowhere to go.

She is the Mother of all the earth

Living deep within the core.

Deep in the core in the loving source

God is the source

And with love gave

Mother Nature freedom to choose.

So it is her choice you see

The beauty and devastation that she brings.

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A heart that is young

Will never grow old.

A heart that loves

Will never grow cold.

A heart that is rooted in the right place

Will always be kind and full of grace.

A heart that is always open

Will find itself in everything it meets.

A heart that reaches out

Will be a heart that receives.


Today I dedicate this poem to a dear long-time friend.  She is affectionately known to me as ShaSha and has been my best friend since we were 4 years old.  Even when friends don’t talk every day they often have a special bond that allows communication on different levels.  And Sha and I have that bond.   This poem is from my youth and I share it today with love for my ShaSha.  May the burden in your heart be lifted.  I love you!

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I took a stumble today down a hill I rolled

And landed in affray.

I was in the depth of my murky haze

Covered in a negative spew,

When I realized the error of my way.

So I acknowledged my wrong and sat in forgiveness of me,

And you graciously extended your saving hand.

So with you as my guide

I eagerly climbed into your glorious fold.

Thank You Lord,

For you are always welcoming to a precious soul.

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The Truth of Thee

Is seen in the glory of a tree.

The magnificence of the Lord

Is seen in the tiniest insect that be.

The Love of God

Is in every living thing.

The Joy of Spirit

Is in the birth of life.

It is within the Almighties Light

That the universe exists

And the Love flourishes

Of which we are nourished.

The Power of the Creator

Is in the humanity of all,

For it is God who speaks our beckoning call.

Our call to embrace all his creativity

Regardless of religion or race.

Regardless of manmade law

We are one in the bosom of the Lord.

Each and every one of us is adored.

For it is in the Truth of the Lord.

It is Divine Law.

God is…you are…I am

One in all.

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I was running around the lake you see,

When up in the sky

I saw the sun laughing at me.

So I ran to the beach and saw him waving good-bye,

I knew the sun was playing a trick on me

When I saw him slid down behind the trees.

So I jumped up and down hoping to see,

If the sun was still looking at me.

I saw an orange speck between the trees,

I thought it was the sun winking at me.

With a blink of my eyes and giggle of glee,

That speck was gone

and no-one was left watching me.

Even though the sun played a trick on me,

I’m sure from between the trees

It was the Lord who winked at me.

(msuzanne, 1981)

I wrote this poem when I was 21 years old while I was spending a wonderful week in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains.  One evening I was out for a jog around the lake when I saw the sun setting.  It was a warm summer night in August.  Before the sun set I sat and prayed by the lake.  I lost all sense of time and when the sun started to set it was a reminder I must run back to where I was staying.  The setting sun and the wink from between the trees left me knowing that God was right there with me.  So we continued on our jog.

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Erupting Volcano – Johannes Gunnar – Featured Photographer   www.photobotos.com

Eyjafjallajökull  Glacier, Iceland

Erupting Volcano

In the volcano that erupts

There is a heavenly energy source,

That surges through our earthly core.

Coursing through the veins of the universe,

Is a power so great that transforms

The land that it disintegrates.

In this world of hot and cold,

There is a place for both to stand side by side.

For the volcano to erupt from the ice,

For the heat to embrace the cold,

For the heart of God

To heal the injured soul.

All is good in God’s creative universe.

From the largest of mountains to the tiniest of insects that I can see,

There is the breath and thoughts of God visible for all Eternity.

From One Source, The Creator of all brings us beauty and tranquility,

In the flowers that grow and the trees that bud,

It is the divine message of God’s Love.

Hidden within the core is the heart of the Lord.

Overflowing with love for all to see,

The lava that spews is a divinity.

The duality of this picture of volcano and ice is the

Truth of the expansiveness of God’s creativity.

From ice so many ages ago came the lands we now sow.

From the heat of volcanos past came the newest of all that last.

In this universe and for the entire world to see

Is a perfect picture of God’s unity.

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Drop of Innocence” – Sitra, Bahrain – Isa Ebrahim

Child with his mother in a funeral procession for one of the martyrs tortured by the impact Bahraini police in the city of Sitra 2011.

This is an award winning image that I first saw on www.photobotos.com .  I was very moved by this image and wrote “Eternal Right”.  The words and thoughts flowed immediately as I held the pen and God wrote this for all his children.  It does not matter where someone lives.  It does not matter what their religion, culture, or their color, every human has an Eternal Right.    It is a gift from God to live in love, peace and joy.

Awards for this image can be found at this link: http://isaphoto.net/blog/pages/centralblack.html


Among the sea of dark is a spec of light,

A child of God born within the night,

With eyes and heart open to the divinity of his Eternal Right.

This child is the hope of a culture torn.

Spiritually driven, a nation cries over the fight so worn.

Mother’s weep, while children sleep that their fate may be sealed,

Before their life revealed.

The veil of homage shrouds the Divinity within,

hides the tears of loss,

And the fears that spin.

The child is embosomed within the culture deep.

And deep within the light shines,

For this young life so Divine.

Humanity starts with a smile,

a laugh, an offered hand,

A child’s grasp.

It takes one loving Soul to let the healing unfold,

It is on bended knee that I pray this day,

That this precious child’s eyes only see what is right with humanity.

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Many would say this is a dreary day.

Yet, I see the glory of Thee.

In the charcoal gray of the clouds you lay,

There is a hint of white in the fray.

And off into the distance a misty pink slides in.

The moisture in the air is your breath,

Breathing life into each and every living thing.

You nourish the world I see with your essence within the rain,

Your life giving love is flowing free through everything.

And there in the tree is a community nourished by Thee.

Your magnificence is the life within,

From the tiniest of bugs that borrows deep

To the family of squirrels that run and play

On the limbs that sway.

The birds that nest and sing to Thee

All rejoice in the glory of this day

And thank you Lord for the nourishing gray.

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