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Thai Massage

“Thai Massage” – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Romain Mattei – Featured Photographer

  Posted on : www.photobotos.com  April 22, 2012


There is a cat and monkey that play

They bask in the sun all day.

And when they are rested

They jump and run to show the Lord

They live in loving accord.

Such an unlikely pair they are,

They have risen above the human heart,

And deny division between their souls.

As they intend to live their day

In a fun and peaceful way.

It is within the One we all live,

It is in the One that life exist.

And God knows we can see the

Beauty and joy

Of living so peacefully.


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Truth or Illusion

what will it be?

There is no illusions

you see,

in the love of Thee.

For this world

is created so perfectly,

just as it was meant to be.

The illusions that have entwined

the human race

is held in the mind of man,

And on its own

it exists without God’s Grace.

In Gods perfect order

the illusions will melt away

As all humans

will live in the Truth

on this holy day.

It is the truth that sets us free

It is the truth that spreads the love of Thee.

The world’s political scene

is a house of mirrors

that projects lust and greed.

So open your mind and heart today

to the truth of God’s Glory

and all the blessings you see,

will never fade away.

No human will starve nor die from neglect.

No man, woman or child will be suppressed.

For illusions created in the mind of man

Are with intent

To take control

of the human soul,

and to play

the dominant role.

It is this illusion

that hides the truth

That creates the fears

that reflect in the house of mirrors.

So step into God’s light

and embrace your eternal right.

Your right to love, live and prosper

Within this earthly plane.

Your right to see the God in you

And the divinity in others too.

Put down your weapons and leave the fight.

In the mind of God there is no place

For hate against another in the human race.

This poem came from a discussion with a friend Tony who was discussing his dream that  financial illusions of our world will fade away.    Thus this poem started its descend from the universe.  It is my dream the illusions of hate and fear go away.  What illusion would you like to see from your story melt away?

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Mother Nature is a Beauty you see,

She’s a Diva that grows the flowers and trees.

She awakens the hibernating community,

And sends a message of divinity

In the glory of spring.

She is the sweetness in the season’s honey

And the irony in the sting of the bee.

She’s a tyrant that throws fits of rage

In hurricanes and tornados for all to see.

She is the rainbow of hope that reaches out

To the shattered below.

She is the lightning strike with nowhere to go.

She is the Mother of all the earth

Living deep within the core.

Deep in the core in the loving source

God is the source

And with love gave

Mother Nature freedom to choose.

So it is her choice you see

The beauty and devastation that she brings.

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I dance within the heart of the Lord

And In his thoughts I play.

It is the essence of Spirit

That washes my fears away.

I am cradled within the womb

The womb of creation

Where I stay.

With the warmth of Spirit embracing me

I know this is where I want to be.

I lay in the bridal bed

In my naked truth

The truth of my Spirit

With the flow of Eternity.

In earthly terms I am old and gray

In the spiritual world

I am iridescent lavender today.

In my Spirit’s glow

Is the strength of the Lord

And the loving energy that is God’s Core.

While I lay my head

In the arms of my groom.

The breath of life

Fills the spiritual womb.

The womb so vast

It expands out beyond the physical plane.

And far beyond the celestial reign.

Every morning I start my day with meditation.  This morning I let my mind rest on the thought “I am one within the Lord…I am in unity with the One.”   I quickly felt engulfed by the love of God.  It was during meditation these words and images started to swirl in my mind.

I thank the Lord each day for all the gifts he has given me.  The words of my poems are from the Spirit and I am so blessed to be the scribe and the one who shares them with you.   I wish you many blessings today.

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Coral Garden - Floris van Breugel

“Coral Garden”, Ofu Island, American Samoa

Floris van Breugel – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 24, 2012


The coral beneath the sea

Is a treasure chest

Of God’s creativity.

The colors of the coral

Are a rainbow for all to see.

The sea of God

It is laid out so beautifully.

With life that exist in many forms

From the fish that swim, the snails that crawl,

The crabs and lobster are creatures with claws.

The life so abundant beneath the sea

Is just a glimpse of God’s creativity.

The water exists in a droplet form

And in unity the ocean is born.

The abundance of this universe

Is seen in all places across the earth.

Across the land and into the sky

The breath of the Lord

Reaches so high.

It is the core of the Lord

That gives us form.

It is the Breath

That fills our lungs

When we were first born. 

The diversity of the Lord’s creativity

Is seen so perfectly  

In all unique life forms.

All which exist within Thee

Whether on land, in water, or sky

Does not matter.

All creatures great and small

All humans regardless of race, religion or color

Are all united within God’s grace. 



I would like to thank everyone who read my poems.  I receive great joy from writing and sharing them.  I feel very blessed to be the scribe for God’s creativity that manifests through these words.  Please feel free to comment even if you want to share how you would say it differently or see it differently.  I have so much to learn about God’s universe.  And so much to learn about each of you, where you live and what you think.   It is in God’s divine plan that I open my mind and heart to all.  Thank you for sharing in my journey.      

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Horns of Paine

Horns of Paine “Los Cuernos Del Paine”, Patagonia, Chile

Ian Plant, Featured Photographer  www.photobotos.com April 23, 2012


The clouds from the stormy night

Lift away from the land below

And are blessed by the breath of God

By the winds that blow.

The rising sun’s radiant light

Sends beams through the misty haze

While the morning creatures

Bow in loving praise.

The rocks along the water’s edge

Span into a lush green scene.

The Holy Land from river to sea

From sunrise to sunset

Sits in the iridescent glow

Of Spirit’s Creativity.

The land of molten rock

Rises from the core of the Lord.

The core of heavenly thoughts

Continue to wash upon the shore.  

The water flowing around the world 

Rushes in great turbulence

And calms in quiet tranquility. 

The waves crash upon the rocks

And fall back to the water bed.

With each lash on the shore

Is the caress of the loving hand of the Lord.

The skies throughout the universe

Are filled with the breath of Thee

And from that breath

I breathe the essences of everything.

And within this breath

I absorb the morning mist of the dawning day.

I inhale the illuminating glow

Of the setting sun so far away.

I receive the energy of the universe so vast

As I am one within the One

That lays our world’s divine path.   

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Drowning in a deep dark abyss

Plummeting beneath the sea.

Grabbing for the light of day

Not knowing which way I lay.

Swirling out of control in a place

Without sight of my Soul.

It is the hole that calls my name.

Where dim goes my spiritual flame,

And my aching heart is drained.

It is a place I take myself

When I feel so ashamed.

A sea of sorrow

A land without tomorrow.

A self-inflicted pain

Loathing is so vain.

There is no joy in this state of mind.

No life when you want to die.

In the abyss I open my eyes.

Scared by what I see

I hit the rocks

Trying to get free.

In this darkness light does shine

For the love of God has always been mine.

The light reaching out to me

Is the hand of God embracing me

Never letting go of the Spirit in me.

It is God’s light that illuminates

The path for my destiny.


There have been times in my life when things have felt difficult and the path to take was not clear.  This poem is a reflection of the place that I have emerged from and over the past 8 months I have been transforming in the light of God.  I have never been happier with more joy and inner peace.   So I thank God for leading me to the place where I now stand.  There are still bumps ahead and that is OK.  With my Spirit and my unity within the source these bumps will not alter my divine course.

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Mexican Gray Wolf

Mexican Gray Wolf

“Cheeese!!!” – Chicago, Illinois

Scott Denny – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 19, 2012


Within lies a savage beast.

A creation of God welcomed at the Holy Feast.

A female who is a Mexican gray

That is left in the stray.

Within the pack I roam fighting for a place of my own.

The submissive one who bows to disrespect

And those without dignity.

It is the love of God that created me

Yet, others cannot see

The Lord’s presence within me.


Scott Denny photographer  wrote: “Cheeeese!!!” was taken on December 26, 2010 at the Brookfield Zoo, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. The Brookfield Zoo is one of approximately forty facilities participating in programs designed to help the Mexican Wolf grow in numbers and flourish. The wolf in the photo is female. After only an hour or so I could tell she was very submissive and often harassed by her siblings.

This poem is dedicated to all people who have felt out casted or bullied.  It is a sad to know regardless of species we can cause others pain.   It is always your right to stand up for yourself.  It is always a difficult balance to stand up for yourself without causing intentional harm to others.

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Natural Cathedral

The Natural Cathedral

“La Cathédrale Naturelle”– Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 Lars van der Goor – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 18, 2012


I kneel to pray

In the cathedral beneath the trees

In the mist of heavenly tranquility.

It is here that I lay

My heart and spirit today.

Beneath the lacy tops

Of the trees that prop the

Cathedral within the Lord’s Divinity.

It is a wonder to know

That where ever I go

I stand in holy land.

For all within this universe

Is a reflection of The Spirit so diverse.

So diverse to create a home

For the leopards and apes.

A place for the entire human race.

So where ever you are

Drop to your knees and say,

“Thank you Lord for this incredible day.”

And open your eyes and heart to

Those you see

And just know we are all

Of God’s Divinity.

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Swinging Baby Bonobo

Swinging Baby Bonobo   “In Dreams I Can Fly” 

Apenheul Primate Park, The Netherlands

Manuela Kulpa – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 16, 2012


With each infant born

Is the dream of harmony.

Love of the world it sees,

Not knowing any negativity

That lives beyond its tree.

A life so precious, a heart so pure,

Behind closed lids he absorbs

The warmth of the suns’ loving kiss.

Each species is of the heavenly race,

And deserves to live within God’s Grace.

A manifestation of God’s creativity

Swims in oceans, runs through the land,

And swings in trees

With the use of his hands.

Each life form flows

From the essence of the Lord.

In the universe so vast

It is God’s wish for every species

To walk its unique Divine path.

Once again, I must give thanks to my friend Peter who helped me smooth over the bumps in this poem.  Over the past few days I have played with this and did not feel satisfied.  A beautiful spirit as in this little monkey deserved words that reflect its inherent divinity.      I hope you find the love for this little guy that I have.  The Universal Mother Father God, that I believe we all pray, has created a divine path for all creatures and human on this planet.  It is our responsibility to live in unity with all within the universe.

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