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Mexican Gray Wolf

Mexican Gray Wolf

“Cheeese!!!” – Chicago, Illinois

Scott Denny – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 19, 2012


Within lies a savage beast.

A creation of God welcomed at the Holy Feast.

A female who is a Mexican gray

That is left in the stray.

Within the pack I roam fighting for a place of my own.

The submissive one who bows to disrespect

And those without dignity.

It is the love of God that created me

Yet, others cannot see

The Lord’s presence within me.


Scott Denny photographer  wrote: “Cheeeese!!!” was taken on December 26, 2010 at the Brookfield Zoo, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. The Brookfield Zoo is one of approximately forty facilities participating in programs designed to help the Mexican Wolf grow in numbers and flourish. The wolf in the photo is female. After only an hour or so I could tell she was very submissive and often harassed by her siblings.

This poem is dedicated to all people who have felt out casted or bullied.  It is a sad to know regardless of species we can cause others pain.   It is always your right to stand up for yourself.  It is always a difficult balance to stand up for yourself without causing intentional harm to others.


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