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Horns of Paine

Horns of Paine “Los Cuernos Del Paine”, Patagonia, Chile

Ian Plant, Featured Photographer  www.photobotos.com April 23, 2012


The clouds from the stormy night

Lift away from the land below

And are blessed by the breath of God

By the winds that blow.

The rising sun’s radiant light

Sends beams through the misty haze

While the morning creatures

Bow in loving praise.

The rocks along the water’s edge

Span into a lush green scene.

The Holy Land from river to sea

From sunrise to sunset

Sits in the iridescent glow

Of Spirit’s Creativity.

The land of molten rock

Rises from the core of the Lord.

The core of heavenly thoughts

Continue to wash upon the shore.  

The water flowing around the world 

Rushes in great turbulence

And calms in quiet tranquility. 

The waves crash upon the rocks

And fall back to the water bed.

With each lash on the shore

Is the caress of the loving hand of the Lord.

The skies throughout the universe

Are filled with the breath of Thee

And from that breath

I breathe the essences of everything.

And within this breath

I absorb the morning mist of the dawning day.

I inhale the illuminating glow

Of the setting sun so far away.

I receive the energy of the universe so vast

As I am one within the One

That lays our world’s divine path.   


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