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I was running around the lake you see,

When up in the sky

I saw the sun laughing at me.

So I ran to the beach and saw him waving good-bye,

I knew the sun was playing a trick on me

When I saw him slid down behind the trees.

So I jumped up and down hoping to see,

If the sun was still looking at me.

I saw an orange speck between the trees,

I thought it was the sun winking at me.

With a blink of my eyes and giggle of glee,

That speck was gone

and no-one was left watching me.

Even though the sun played a trick on me,

I’m sure from between the trees

It was the Lord who winked at me.

(msuzanne, 1981)

I wrote this poem when I was 21 years old while I was spending a wonderful week in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains.  One evening I was out for a jog around the lake when I saw the sun setting.  It was a warm summer night in August.  Before the sun set I sat and prayed by the lake.  I lost all sense of time and when the sun started to set it was a reminder I must run back to where I was staying.  The setting sun and the wink from between the trees left me knowing that God was right there with me.  So we continued on our jog.


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