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lightning over mount st. helens

Lightning Over Mount St. Helens

Mount Saint Helens, Washington

Miles Morgan – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 17, 2012


When the sky is so dark

And the rains fall.

The thunder roars

As the lightning strikes.

We look to the sky

Hoping to get a glimpse

Of God rolling on by.

The splendor of the Lord

Is visible for all to see.

It is easily seen in the colors of spring.

The magnificence of mountain high

And the ocean deep.

It is felt in the falling rain

That sustains everything.

Within the thunderstorm

Is the passion of the Lord.

It is his love that we hear

In the explosive roar.

The lightning strike

Illuminate the darkened sky.

Just as the Spirit is flying by.

And beneath it all

Is the land that sprawls

From the mountains to the

Fields below.

The flowers bow in homage

As the winds of the Lord blow.

A storm may feel for some

To be a discord in a God made space.

What I see is the divinity

That Heaven displays within this place.


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