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Drop of Innocence” – Sitra, Bahrain – Isa Ebrahim

Child with his mother in a funeral procession for one of the martyrs tortured by the impact Bahraini police in the city of Sitra 2011.

This is an award winning image that I first saw on www.photobotos.com .  I was very moved by this image and wrote “Eternal Right”.  The words and thoughts flowed immediately as I held the pen and God wrote this for all his children.  It does not matter where someone lives.  It does not matter what their religion, culture, or their color, every human has an Eternal Right.    It is a gift from God to live in love, peace and joy.

Awards for this image can be found at this link: http://isaphoto.net/blog/pages/centralblack.html


Among the sea of dark is a spec of light,

A child of God born within the night,

With eyes and heart open to the divinity of his Eternal Right.

This child is the hope of a culture torn.

Spiritually driven, a nation cries over the fight so worn.

Mother’s weep, while children sleep that their fate may be sealed,

Before their life revealed.

The veil of homage shrouds the Divinity within,

hides the tears of loss,

And the fears that spin.

The child is embosomed within the culture deep.

And deep within the light shines,

For this young life so Divine.

Humanity starts with a smile,

a laugh, an offered hand,

A child’s grasp.

It takes one loving Soul to let the healing unfold,

It is on bended knee that I pray this day,

That this precious child’s eyes only see what is right with humanity.


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