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“Suspended in Light” – Pindus Mountains, Greece – Maria Kaimaki – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 11, 2012

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Suspended in light is a heavenly delight

A sanctuary that emergences from the rock and light.

A place of praise within the heavenly gaze.

This monastery a haven for The Source of the Lord

A place of healing for the spiritual force.

The great Angels and masters rest within this heavenly nest.

A place of worship for the yearning of a Soul

To evolve and grow in the Spiritual Fold.

It is within the eyes of the Lord

That such a great place

Is filled with loving accord.

It is here that I long to be

A Soul who wishes to be free.

A Soul on its journey.

The climax of this earthly life

Another opportunity to do things right.

In the end I will evolve

Within the Spiritual force as a completed Soul.

A developed Soul,

Who shines brighter that the stars on a blackened night.

A Soul so embraced by the Lord,

In a place where heaven and earth flow as one.

No borders, walls or bridges are seen

No division within this Holy Unity.

A majestic place to lay my loving Soul

In praise of God and all he calls.

msuzanne April 2012

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Thank you Maria Kaimaki for this beautiful photo and for photobotos for opening my eyes to this heavenly place.


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