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Donner Party – Donner Lake, California – Elizabeth Carmel

www.photobotos.com  June 27, 2012


Lost in the caverns of my heart

Is my love for you.

Buried deep within

Is all you mean to me.

Letting love grow

And my fears fade away.

Standing in the light my life ignites,

Like fireworks in the night.

Trusting you is a simple thing to do.

Loving you… Loving me,

Allowing you to love me,

Is where I choose to be.

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The life that lives with regret,

Locked into fret…

Wears a noose tied tight around the neck.


A place with no space,

Constrained and depressed.

Deny the Spirit within

And the regrets will spin.

Alone with regret,

No space left to let others in.

Push the Spirit away,

Regrets will play a trick on you.

Regrets an illusion you see,

That hides the truth of you,

And blocks a view of Thee.

Regret is a lie that denies your life.

Regret leaves you no place to go,

A hell on earth,

With sorrows that run deep.

A reservoir of blood drained from you,

Regret is your Ego boiling in spew.

The human with regret alone and ashamed,

Afflicted by self-blame.

Anger and bitterness eating at you,

What is left…what is there for you?

Let regret go,

And watch the Spirit grow.

Let go of regret and love will come,

Embrace yourself and light your flame.

You deserve more than blame,

The past is done…The story old…

It’s time to put down your fight.

It’s time to write a new chapter in life.

As regrets fade opportunities grow.

Leave regrets behind,

And bask in the light that shines.

Content…happiness…a place of bliss.

Dare to Dream without regret

And the Universe will manifest.

Dare to Dream Geneva, Switzerland Alex Teuscher

Dare to Dream – Geneva, Switzerland – Alex Teuscher

www.photobotos.com   June 24, 2012


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Life in the Clouds

Pike’s Peak,  Colorado, James Egbert Photographer



In close range there’s snow and ice,

So look beyond your narrow sight.

See the world in a panoramic view,

And there before you

Is the stretch of mountain tops.

Life in ungenerous sight

Closes doors and sacrifices rights.

Remove the veil of righteousness,

Take off the glasses of distortion,

See what is real in your sight.

As you step into the consciousness,

Where vibrations are heard around the world

Where transformation occurs in one’s life.

Wear the crown of unity,

Merging dark and light,

Melt the frozen in the heat of night.

Release the dead into spiritual light.

Transcend the sins of this life

As you embrace the Universal Flame.

Hand and hand across the land

There is great healing

For every child, woman, and man. 

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Crystal Caves Bermuda

Crystal Caves” – Bermuda – Ryan Hosking, Photographer

www.photobotos.com June 20, 2012


In the caverns of the Earth’s Core,

The darkness is the light.

The alga filled waters sits in a still life.

The rocky terrain like the human brain,

Creates a reality, heaven or pain.

Life decay, rejection of spiritual light,

Fills the caverns from lost sight.

The heart shivers, as cold takes hold.

Emerging thoughts are like cleansing rain.

Blood simmers, over the heat of divine coal.

Hope moves silently through the subterranean.

Passions grow from the roots below.

Love erodes all distain. 

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“A Beautiful Morning” – Trakoscan, Croatia – Featured Photographer, Boris Frkovic

www.photobotos.com June 19, 2012


In the first breath of the breaking day

The Lord leads the way.

There is no more beautiful sight

Than the passion of dawning light.

Day embraces the retreating night,

A blissful union of love and might.

The day and night a curios pair

Cradles life everywhere.

As the moonlight crawls away,

Sunlight grows the day.

The merging of light entwines life

In the omnipresence of the Lord.

The day and night the yoke of time,

The breath of God

The heavenly and earthly bond.

In shades of grey and light of white

The Spirit propels all life.

With the peace of night rest in safety.

Basking in God’s light travel your chosen path,

Knowing the Spirit is the infinite of dark and light.

Knowing God leads beneath the trees,

Through the day and night,

Over land and across the seas

Into the heart of all humanity.

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Life exists in a lucid paradise.

A place without time or space.

A place within my mind’s grace.

Lucid, so clear, so easy to see

The truth within me.

A lucid mind creates thoughts with reality.

A lucid mind I don’t fear to see.

So clearly defines my verity.

From the confused and clouded spot

I once lived,

I now understand how my thoughts give.

Lucid…clear…transparent is how I see

For the truth of God has clarified me.

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color rain drops

Color Rain” – France – Francois Dorothe – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com     June 3, 2012


What prism do I see my life?

Is it through the eyes of love,

Or the veil of pain?

On what path did I chose to travel?

Is it with God

Or is all alone,

Locked in my human brain.

A place without sight of the glorious light,

A place where my choice

Can be blame.

Who am I to possess the Eternal Flame?

Who am I to scream at the sky,

That my fate is

God’s blame?

Who am I to close my eyes

To the beauty that is there?

Who am I to reject love,

From the Infinite above?

Who am I to reject

My place within the


Who am I?

Who am I?

I am…I say

A Child of God

With Eternal Life,

Love of the Holy Core,

Divinity created by the Lord.

God is…

God is…

“I am”

God creates with Love

There is no rejection

From the Spirit above.

There is no apprehension

Of the sacredness

Of all that exist on this earth.

Who am I ?

Who is God?

God is…I am.

I am one,

Within the one,

Within the Infinite

Within the Eternal Flame.

I am one with God.

With love

Without blame.

I am

I am

God is…I am

And Is all…I am

I  am…

I am…

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