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Tunnel of Trees Cloister Gormanston College

Tunnel of Trees”  Gormanstown College, Co Meath, Ireland,   Martina Fagan, Photographer

www.photobotos.com   June 2, 2012


For judgment day we sit and wait

Judgment day still so far away.

Judgment is our fate.

In the field of judgment we let our children play.

In the bed of judgment we lay.

In the tunnel of darkened light

Judgment finds it way.

Upon the political leader the judgment falls.

The court calls the life sentence,

People in unrest want justice for all.

Judgment good or bad…

Is it a part of the divine plan?

Judgment a manmade thing,

Gives power to those who lead.

And fear to those who breathe.

Where is the peace when we crumble to our knees?

Where is God’s Divinity when we fear the people who lead?

The seed of judgment rooted deep…

Is the foundation on which we weep…

Weep in fear…

Weep in pain…

Weep from the damage of the judging word.

Judge others…

Judge ourselves…

Wear the mask of Judgment,

Blocking sight of the internal flame.

As judgment turns us from the God within

Judgment can’t break our spirit,

It just breeds lies and pain.

Judgment a companion of lust and greed.

The prison guard that chains the judged to a verdict of deceit.

An illusion of right and wrong…

Turn from judgment to the Truth

Ask yourself…

“Do I see the light of God in the judgments I make?”


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