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Tamanawas Falls Mt. Hood National Forest, Parkdale, OR

“Guardian Spirit”  Mt. Hood National Forest, Parkdale, OR

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www.photobotos.com   Posted May 28, 2012


The light of the Lord

In the misty haze

Illuminates the Land

On which we pray.

The great water fall

Cleanses ill thoughts away.

The earth beneath your feet

And the dirt between your toes

Is a reminder from where life first arose.

Beneath the earth the roots burrow deep

Into the core of our nurturing Lord.

Within the divinity of God’s breathe

Is the heavenly air that fills each life.

The Forest of trees

With outstretched limbs

Reach for the Lord

In loving accord.

The water drops from the falls

Feed the Forest to grow so tall.

The sunlight shines

With warmth that

Caresses the leaves and vines.

And within it all

Is the call

To rejoice

In the Magnificence

Of the Lord.


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