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Life in the Clouds

Pike’s Peak,  Colorado, James Egbert Photographer



In close range there’s snow and ice,

So look beyond your narrow sight.

See the world in a panoramic view,

And there before you

Is the stretch of mountain tops.

Life in ungenerous sight

Closes doors and sacrifices rights.

Remove the veil of righteousness,

Take off the glasses of distortion,

See what is real in your sight.

As you step into the consciousness,

Where vibrations are heard around the world

Where transformation occurs in one’s life.

Wear the crown of unity,

Merging dark and light,

Melt the frozen in the heat of night.

Release the dead into spiritual light.

Transcend the sins of this life

As you embrace the Universal Flame.

Hand and hand across the land

There is great healing

For every child, woman, and man. 


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