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Thank you Soumya for all these wonderful awards.   It has been a pleasure reading your blog and commenting on your beautiful words.  I often find myself lost in your words and the images you create in my mind.  You are a very thoughtful and creative writer.   You nurture my mind, heart, and spirit.

The bogging world is vast as I find inspiration and beauty in the photos and words of many blogs.  Each writer and photographer touches me in their own unique way.   Some post pull on my heart strings, other post stimulate my mind and stretch my thoughts and ideas while, other writers speak directly to my Spirit and Spiritual yearning for more.

I apologize for my delay in responding to Soumya’s kind and generous awards.  I also must admit I sometimes have a hard time figuring out how to do things on this blog.  For some reason I could not put the Commenter award and the 7×7 award up.  I have tried cut and paste without success, I “saved as”, and I have no idea how to link anything.  So forgive me.

One of my first blogs to follow and an early follower of my blog is Meiro,  http://meirozavian.wordpress.com  – Meiro provides very sensitive and thought provoking post.  Her talent and sensitivity can be seen even when she is at a loss of imagination.

http://theeffstop.wordpress.com  – Absolutely beautiful photos.  Everything in nature makes my spirit sour and these pictures are so real I want to touch them.  It is a wonderful journey around the United States great sights and parks.   Check out the chipmunks…they are darn cute!  It is an incredible thought these little guys and gals are a perfect manifestation of God’s creativity…and filled with Spirit.

http://oursoulspurpose.com  – I started following this blog recently and quickly found lessons for my life and living.  Christine is a very insightful blogger and she explores her topics on an everyday level.

http://foreverpoetic.wordpress.com  – Wendell is also a new blog for me.  The first time I went to his site I instantly got lost in his poetry and I was surprised how long I had been reading through his blog.  He is a very romantic poet.  I am mesmerized by his love poems for his wife…and they leave me thinking of the man who will someday say these things about me.   Even at 51 we can dream of ever- lasting love!

These are just a few of the great blogs I follow that inspire me, ignite my passions and stretch my world.  Enjoy them and add them to your list of blogs to follow.


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