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“A Beautiful Morning” – Trakoscan, Croatia – Featured Photographer, Boris Frkovic

www.photobotos.com June 19, 2012


In the first breath of the breaking day

The Lord leads the way.

There is no more beautiful sight

Than the passion of dawning light.

Day embraces the retreating night,

A blissful union of love and might.

The day and night a curios pair

Cradles life everywhere.

As the moonlight crawls away,

Sunlight grows the day.

The merging of light entwines life

In the omnipresence of the Lord.

The day and night the yoke of time,

The breath of God

The heavenly and earthly bond.

In shades of grey and light of white

The Spirit propels all life.

With the peace of night rest in safety.

Basking in God’s light travel your chosen path,

Knowing the Spirit is the infinite of dark and light.

Knowing God leads beneath the trees,

Through the day and night,

Over land and across the seas

Into the heart of all humanity.


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