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I am honored to be nominated by Soumya for the “Seed of Light” award. I love the name of the award and the idea that my words/poems can be a “seed of light” for another.

Soumya has always been a “seed of light” for me since I started this blog.   She is creative and has tirelessly dedicated herself to her blogs and writing.    Over this past 15 months she has always used her kind and loving words to encourage myself and others. I am very touched and appreciative that Soumya continues to see good in my words.  Please visit it at http://soumyav.wordpress.com and I know you will enjoy and grow through her wonderful post.
I have received other awards since starting this blog and I must admit, I often feel mixed emotions.  It is a lovely gesture, and heart warming to receive appreciation from others who find something meaningful in my words.  Yet, I am still new in my journey and soaking up the images, knowledge of others, learning from their words and views and I often feel not yet ready for the accolades.  Perhaps learning to accept is part of my learning

Many blogs I follow are poetry, spiritual, and religious in nature from all over the world with many different cultural influences.  All of these blogs bring to me a greater understanding of who I am within the loving embrace of God and with each of you in unity within the consciousness.  As a novice blogger I know there are thousands of blogs out there spreading “seeds of light” and inspiring thousands and millions of souls with their photos, art, music and words.   At this time I have only dipped my toe into the sea of blogs. So today I choose to honor Soumya’s acknowledgement with a poem….called “Seed of Light” and I dedicate this to all bloggers who share in love their creativity and the lessons of their journey.


Adrift within the breath of the wind,

      floating to a barren land.

Landing gently among the dirty grain,

      bathed so lovingly by the rain.

A seed of light,

      buried by worldly debris.

In a place where no one

      would think it may be.

Hidden in a place without light,

      the seed is a speck…a sparkle…that ignites.

A seed of light sent out by the Lord

      is growing on your heart’s shore.

A breath, a sigh, the light illuminates the soul inside.

A twinkle from a star so far

      has great power to transform who you are.

Adrift in the life you live

      the gift of the soul to give.

A moment in time to take

      the Lord’s love into your heart and mind.

An emotion and gift so deep,

      the seeds of light become the roots

      that anchor you to Divine belief.

A seed of light adrift within the wind

 Is a gift the Lord does give.

•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •*¨*•¸¸¸.•*

May all your seeds shine in the glory of God’s light!

Namaste, mary


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Thank you to my friends who are local and called or texted for me to post the poems or link I mentioned in my Liebster award info.  So here they are.  Enjoy!

Under The Willow

Under the Willow

A mother weeps

As she buries her child

Beneath her feet.

The Queen of Heaven

Stands at her side

As she wipes

The tears from her eyes.

The shoots of the willow

The mother ties.

With a wish in her heart

She pleads to the tree

For the release of her grief.

An enchanted tree

The willow weeps

Its limbs hang low

With the heavy leaves.

The shoots whip when the winds blow.

As the priest and priestess pray

For ills to fade away.

As the poet lays to sleep

Beneath the willow the dreams do grow

As the words of the poem start to flow.

The magical tree the willow heals

Those who weep.

And eases the pain

From their tormented sleep.

To bring serenity to the sea of tears

To bring harmony within the earthly sphere.

With the sway of the willow shoots

The mother releases her fears.

Beneath the moon

The willow grows

In love the tree bows it head

To the souls of the dead.

With its arms it embraces

The mother who stands beneath the tree.

And cloaks the poet who lay to dream.


Malala A Gift From God!

A girl so young, innocent and sweet,

With a voice that rebounds through the streets.

Her song for girls and women across her land,

Give dreams of freedom

To those that wish they can.

Through Spirits eyes she reads a book,

Through divine mind she learns to write,

Through the voice of God she valiantly chants,

For the rights of women within her land.


One young girl with THE POWER within,

Can topple the reign of hate.

The voice of the Lord’s messenger

Valiantly creates.

It is from divinity expressed

In perfect natural form,

That freedom is born!

Inspired love from around the world

Embraces Malala tight,

Raising her soul

Within the Lords luminous light.


A girl so young and innocent

With a voice that resonates around the world.

It is her voice of truth and love,

That has great power the evil dream of.

It is her voice we hear in our heart,

It is her voice that will never be quelled,

For the Lord has spoken the truth to all.

And within her heart

The Lord’s words do swell.

The Lord’s message will forever be sung

Lovingly around the world.

It is within the voice of this enchanted girl.

A girl so young, innocent and sweet

With a voice that rebounds through the streets.

Her song for girls and women across her land,

Give freedom to those that wish they can.


Her soul so innocent and pure

A gift from the Lord.

Her life a threat to evil

Is a strength they deplore.

There is no Lord,

Supporting their war.

It is a war within their mind,

It is a war that supports their hate.

To give them power over those that fear.

To eliminate the love and goodness

Of the people they disintegrate.

The Lords message will forever be sung

Lovingly around the world.

It is within the voice of this enchanted girl.

Around the world and through the heart of all

The power of love and healing given by THE ALL

Raises Malala from this tragic day,

So her voice will speak the words of God once more.

No evil can take away

What God has given as destiny.


A girl so young, innocent and sweet

With a voice that rebounds through the streets.

Her song for girls and women across her land

Give freedom to those that wish they can.

It’s time for all around the world

To stand and raise our arms.

With our eyes on God,

And heart open wide,

Let the Spirit move hate aside.

It is our thoughts and deeds

That raise the love

And brings evil crumbling to its knees…

It is our choice to free those we love

It is our choice to take back our land.

Hand in hand, heart in heart,

Call upon the Lord

To clear the way

For Love to manifest

Perfectly today.


A girl so young, innocent and sweet

With a voice that rebounds through the streets.

Her song for girls and women across her land

Give freedom to those that wish they can.

Through Spirits eyes she reads a book,

Through divine mind she learns to write,

Through the voice of God she valiantly chants,

For the rights of women within her land.


Both of these poems honor women.  And I send my love and light to all Mother that has endured such a great loss.  I send all positive energy and love to Malala for her continued success and may be held within all our hearts as she continues to be a voice for women.   What a gift this young girl is!  Namaste, mary

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Accept the award, post the picture of the Liebster Award on the top of your post and say who nominated you for the award and list their blog site. (Check)
2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the Liebster Award and list their blog sites.
4. Notify the bloggers of their award.
5. Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer when they accept their Liebster Award.
6. Answer the questions left for you by the blogger who gave you the award.

I like to Thank Atirah Jewel at Lil Red Writing Hood, atirahjewel.wordpress.com  for this award. I have followed her work since I started with my blog. I enjoy the diversity of her writing and the emotions she expresses.  She is creative and inspiring.  I feel very honored to receive this award.

11 facts
1. I no longer know, “what is fact about me”: My life has been an evolving project. I accept the process as it is.
2. I am a very spiritual being.
3. My life is very blessed
4. I love my small court yard garden and old historic house (165 years old)
5. The sunrise is my favorite time of day. It is inspiring and invigorating.
6. After many decades I have finally opened my heart and mind to the joy of living each day.
7. I chose each day to allow my spirit to lead and my ego to surrender to the greater good of the situation.
8. My mother turned 87 last week and I adore her as much if not more than I did as a child.
9. I have put into consciousness my desire to adopt my next dog sometime this coming fall.
10. It has been an honor to read the works and thoughts of so many wonderful writers and poets. I am continuously learning and growing through this incredible experience.
11. My heart is filled with gratitude for all who read my poems and visit my blog. This wonderful community has taken me around the world to meet and love people who I would never have met if it was not for blogging. Thank you for expanding my heart and world.

11 questions
1. Why do you write? I write to express and to learn about the depth of my soul.

2. Where is the one place you wish you could live? I am happy where I am. What is most important is being with those I love and who love me.

3. If you had the opportunity to go back in time to do whatever you wish, would you take it?   No

4. What’s your writing process like? Good question. I get up at 0400 and write after my morning mediation.

5. Among your work, do you have favorite poem? If so which one and why? Yes, my favorite poem is Under the Willow, it is a poem I wrote after mediation one morning and I posted it last year the day after Mother’s day to honor all Mothers who weep for a lost child.  I like to write about the transition at death.  I think because I have been at the death of many people (as a nurse) and treasure the spiritual transition and recognize my role in comforting the human emotions left behind. 

6. What made you start writing? I first started writing as a teenager it was my creative outlet.

7. What is your favorite topic to write about? Nature and anything spiritual.

8. Who is your favorite poet or author? As a teenager I loved Edgar Allen Poe and as a woman I fell in love with Kahlil Gibran a poet my mother shared her love of poetry with me. Over the last few years I have been intrigued by Rumi and explore old book stores to find vintage poets and new contemporary poets.  Sometimes I just search amazon to find someone new. 

9. What inspires you to write? The beauty of nature and meditation

10. Is there someone famous that you admire? If so, who?  Malala Yousafzai, she has inspired me to be strong and focused. She is an incredibly mature and Divine Spirit that is a continuous manifestation of God’s goodness.  On October 25th, 2012 I posted a poem that I wrote in her honor.  I pray everyday for her to create the wonderful change that God leads her to make.  Please check back in my archives to read the poem.

11. Which time period do you like the most?  Early morning

And finally, answer time: 05/12/2013 3:42pm

While receiving this award is an honor it is also a reminder I need to open myself up to other poets and writers on wordpress.  The work out there is impressive and I have been missing a lot.  Each week my goal is to follow one – two new poet/writer/photographer/blogger.   This will help me grow within the wordpress community.  In many ways I have been a closet blogger/poet as I post and run… I often hit the like button but rush off without commenting.  I read other’s post on my smart phone while stuck in traffic or waiting for the high school tennis match to end.  So the like button is a wonderful relief.

I would like to share this award with the following poets and writers.  Each has helped me think outside my box, they push me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to write and live my truth.   What a great gift to be given by other…most I will never met in my life.  So thank you and many blessings to all.

http://tornadoday.wordpress.com  Bobbie is a very inspiring poet.  I am most impressed by the easy of the flow of words as she creates a picture and tugs at my emotions.  I love the way her words are light in nature yet intensely deep in meaning.  I aspire to write and wrap such images in my own work.

http://jamesfielden.com – So many times I read or listen to James post I know it is the words I needed to hear.  The spiritual meaning, the guidance and the thoughts are as if he took them right from my thoughts and prayers.  James has been a constant beckon of light during my journey.

http://poetscornerblog.wordpress – This poetry corner is very diverse with many great poets.  Harry has done a wonderful job of creating a great site for poets to post their work.  Many I may never had a chance to read if they were not posted here.  I have many favorites on this site.

http://myprettypics.wordpress.com – Dawn has a great site that captures an area I love.  Her photos of Philadelphia PA, my home town, capture my attention every time.    I love revisiting the old dilapidated churches and the wonderful historic homes.

http://dcardiff.wordpress.com – Dennis is somewhat new to the blogging world  he has a much different blog than the ones I normally follow.  Dennis is building a platform for the homeless.  When I was in my 30s as a nurse practitioner I worked with children that were homeless, or in very difficult social situations, crack cocaine addicted, teen mom’s, sexually and physically abused.  Now in my 50’s many years past, I have allowed myself to not see what Dennis sees.  So I thank Dennis for reminding me of my blessings and that I can still send my love and support without directly being involved.

There are many other bloggers that inspire me who have already received this award so I will mention them here as inspiring and encouraging and have been very influential in my continuing with my blog.



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A Thought Provoking Blog Award

It is with deep appreciation that I accept this award from James at www.thewayhome.me .  James is a very sensitive and empathic blogger who has stirred within me many thoughts.  And from these thoughts come insights. Life is a blessing, yet it is a blessing I am still learning to live to the fullest.  While I have been in a transition these past few years I have found the blog world a wonderful place to reach out…to learn… and to grow.  And around the world I have found many mentors and friends who accept and enjoy what each other offers.   There is no judgment, or scorn for what another thinks.  And from this acceptance comes great creativity from so many talented people whose voices are heard through their blogs.   It is hard to pick just a few as I read over 40 blogs and they are all deserving of such an award.

Today I nominate the following deserving bloggers.

www.oursoulspurpose.com  Christine – I don’t remember how I started following this blog but the name captured my attention and quickly captured my interest.  Christine has a very authentic approach to her writing and life.  I thank her for sharing in such an open and embracing style.

www.justspokenthoughts.wordpress.com  Prashant is an awesome writer.  He brings his stories to life in an effortless way.  And often when I am following his story I realize I end up in a different place from where I thought he was leading me.  It is his ability to lead to one place in the readers mind, and then to the awakening that it may not be that at all that captures me each time.

www.simonmarsh.org  – Simon is a parish priest in NW England.  When I first went to his site I thought I would find the doctrine I wanted to leave behind.  Yet, I have been very impressed with his post.  He is a very spiritual man and in the most positive way.  He writes with acceptance, understanding, and joy.  I find myself checking back on his blog to see what he has to say.  I have always said “I believe in the spirituality of religion not the institution.”  And unfortunately, I had placed all priests in that mold.  So I thank Simon for expanding my view and helping me let go of this misbelief.

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Reader Appreciation Award

I am most grateful to Soumyav who is an incredible inspiration and very encouraging to me. While I have felt a tad overwhelmed by the attention these awards bring…I know it is all in “love and light” from the Spirit, that has united inspirational and spiritual bloggers to raise the vibrations in consciousness of the universe. I am most grateful to share in the Universal plan to support the movement of all humanity into the love and light of God.

I love the statement that Soumyav placed on her award post, ” We as bloggers and readers are always felt awarded when we have received comments and likes on our posts. The presence of readers are in fact awards to us…”   This is so true as there is an excitement I feel every time I see I have a comment. It is always wonderful to know that other bloggers support and enjoy my words…I would like to honor the readers who are not as visible. They are those that comment via their email, phone calls, and follow via their email. Their comments are often not posted for everyone to see. They are the silent and faithful readers who continue to encourage me.

  • Rose – a wonderful friend from my spiritual center whose devotion is inspiring.
  • Peter – a faithful friend that “loves me to pieces,” as he would say. He is blessed by spirit with an incredible mind and gift that lifts him above all rest.
  • Donna – a friend and colleague who followed the blog faithfully from the beginning not realizing the poems were written by me… Her wonderful surprise when she put the msuzanneb together with my name was of excitement and joy. I replay that phone call over and over in my head when she explained her realization and shared her excitement.
  • George a wonderful elderly family friend who encourages me with all my writing.
  • My Mother at 86 loves my writing and is always supportive of me.

While these people are not bloggers their words of encouragement and joy inspire me.  Thank you!

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Thank you Soumya for all these wonderful awards.   It has been a pleasure reading your blog and commenting on your beautiful words.  I often find myself lost in your words and the images you create in my mind.  You are a very thoughtful and creative writer.   You nurture my mind, heart, and spirit.

The bogging world is vast as I find inspiration and beauty in the photos and words of many blogs.  Each writer and photographer touches me in their own unique way.   Some post pull on my heart strings, other post stimulate my mind and stretch my thoughts and ideas while, other writers speak directly to my Spirit and Spiritual yearning for more.

I apologize for my delay in responding to Soumya’s kind and generous awards.  I also must admit I sometimes have a hard time figuring out how to do things on this blog.  For some reason I could not put the Commenter award and the 7×7 award up.  I have tried cut and paste without success, I “saved as”, and I have no idea how to link anything.  So forgive me.

One of my first blogs to follow and an early follower of my blog is Meiro,  http://meirozavian.wordpress.com  – Meiro provides very sensitive and thought provoking post.  Her talent and sensitivity can be seen even when she is at a loss of imagination.

http://theeffstop.wordpress.com  – Absolutely beautiful photos.  Everything in nature makes my spirit sour and these pictures are so real I want to touch them.  It is a wonderful journey around the United States great sights and parks.   Check out the chipmunks…they are darn cute!  It is an incredible thought these little guys and gals are a perfect manifestation of God’s creativity…and filled with Spirit.

http://oursoulspurpose.com  – I started following this blog recently and quickly found lessons for my life and living.  Christine is a very insightful blogger and she explores her topics on an everyday level.

http://foreverpoetic.wordpress.com  – Wendell is also a new blog for me.  The first time I went to his site I instantly got lost in his poetry and I was surprised how long I had been reading through his blog.  He is a very romantic poet.  I am mesmerized by his love poems for his wife…and they leave me thinking of the man who will someday say these things about me.   Even at 51 we can dream of ever- lasting love!

These are just a few of the great blogs I follow that inspire me, ignite my passions and stretch my world.  Enjoy them and add them to your list of blogs to follow.

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Beautiful Blogger Award

I want to thank Soumyav for this very thoughtful nomination.  She has been a great inspiration to me with her beautiful poetry and the diversity in her thoughts and writing.  Blogging has brought me great joy and love hearing from others in this world that I would never have met without the internet.  Thank you!

  1. Nominate other blogs that you enjoy to receive this award.
  • http://meirozavian.wordpress.com  Mei’s blog was one of the first blog’s I started to follow. And this blog has never disappointed me.  She is a very insightful writer who shares the depths of emotions and experiences.  Mei also uses the writings of our great poets to create a platform for emotional and spiritual growth.
  • http://malouprestado.com  Malou’s blog is full of beautiful pictures and wonderful entries on her travels, family, experiences and some great recipes.  After reading her blog I often feel as if I have been traveling with her.
  • http://www.apoetsjournal.wordpress.com Carol is a fun and light hearted blogger.  In her time on the internet she has been developing a beautiful blog with thoughtful post and awesome photographs. Check out her poetry
  • www.clownrhyms.wordpress.com I have been very impressed with this blog as Corey is a fun poet to follow.  His site is open to others and he host poetry challenges.  I think what impresses me the most, besides his young age, is his commitment to highlighting work that are thought provoking and elevate the social consciousness of his readers.

While I have nominated four blogs here I know there are many others in the blogging community that are worthy of being honored.  It is evident to me that it is important to keep myself open to other blogs as they all support my personal and spiritual growth.  Also, the diversity in all these blogs are helping me to grow in my craft and have highlighted my desire to expand how I write poetry.   So stay tuned as I start to learn more about the poetry craft to expand my use of words and imagery.

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