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A Thought Provoking Blog Award

It is with deep appreciation that I accept this award from James at www.thewayhome.me .  James is a very sensitive and empathic blogger who has stirred within me many thoughts.  And from these thoughts come insights. Life is a blessing, yet it is a blessing I am still learning to live to the fullest.  While I have been in a transition these past few years I have found the blog world a wonderful place to reach out…to learn… and to grow.  And around the world I have found many mentors and friends who accept and enjoy what each other offers.   There is no judgment, or scorn for what another thinks.  And from this acceptance comes great creativity from so many talented people whose voices are heard through their blogs.   It is hard to pick just a few as I read over 40 blogs and they are all deserving of such an award.

Today I nominate the following deserving bloggers.

www.oursoulspurpose.com  Christine – I don’t remember how I started following this blog but the name captured my attention and quickly captured my interest.  Christine has a very authentic approach to her writing and life.  I thank her for sharing in such an open and embracing style.

www.justspokenthoughts.wordpress.com  Prashant is an awesome writer.  He brings his stories to life in an effortless way.  And often when I am following his story I realize I end up in a different place from where I thought he was leading me.  It is his ability to lead to one place in the readers mind, and then to the awakening that it may not be that at all that captures me each time.

www.simonmarsh.org  – Simon is a parish priest in NW England.  When I first went to his site I thought I would find the doctrine I wanted to leave behind.  Yet, I have been very impressed with his post.  He is a very spiritual man and in the most positive way.  He writes with acceptance, understanding, and joy.  I find myself checking back on his blog to see what he has to say.  I have always said “I believe in the spirituality of religion not the institution.”  And unfortunately, I had placed all priests in that mold.  So I thank Simon for expanding my view and helping me let go of this misbelief.


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