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Many would say this is a dreary day.

Yet, I see the glory of Thee.

In the charcoal gray of the clouds you lay,

There is a hint of white in the fray.

And off into the distance a misty pink slides in.

The moisture in the air is your breath,

Breathing life into each and every living thing.

You nourish the world I see with your essence within the rain,

Your life giving love is flowing free through everything.

And there in the tree is a community nourished by Thee.

Your magnificence is the life within,

From the tiniest of bugs that borrows deep

To the family of squirrels that run and play

On the limbs that sway.

The birds that nest and sing to Thee

All rejoice in the glory of this day

And thank you Lord for the nourishing gray.


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Lord the first gift I see of this day

Is the darkness of the sky lifting away,

As the darkness melds into a charcoal gray.

The singing of birds in unison for Thee,

Is like a chorus of angels perched in the tree.

The tree once hidden in the darkness of night

Now shows its silhouette to me.

As the sky transforms in heavenly delight

 I sit in love of Thee.

The fish in my pond break water to see

The Glory of God in the brightening sky.

The night animals return to their hiding place,

And close their eyes to your loving grace.

In harmony of this magnificent morn

I pray in homage and give thanks for this day.

Within the essence of your divinity

I am delighted by Thee.

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In the darkness of the night

My Soul soars in God’s Eternal Light.

With the pulsing sound of energy waves,

Bathing my essences in spiritual bliss,

In this vibration is the Divinity of why I exist.

The sounds of God on another plane,

Are sounds of peace, love, and nurturing.

A peace to calm the human brain,

A place to strengthen the human bond.

A love to transcend the heavenly floor.

A nurturing of all existence is God’s gift to all adorn.

In silence this place exists.

In solace within there is an echo of Divinity,

That brings me deep within his hold.

A place of love,

A place within the spiritual fold.

With great love and honor

I surrender to Thee.

For there is no greater existence

Than within the love of Thee.

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Desert Waterfall   “Coyote Falls” – Escalante National Monument, Utah

Joshua Cripps – Featured Photographer  

Posted March 28, 2012 on www.photobotos.com

A barren desert it seems

Is just as much a mirage

As the forest and streams.

The sandy terrain and dried out rock

Are places of solace within God’s heart.

Across the rocks the water flows

Etching a paradise where no one goes.

Each droplet of God’s nourishment

Is without scarcity

In the divine love that is our sanctity.

In the green that grow

And the tree that sways,

There is a soulful place for God to play.

So he sits and waits for you and I today.

To hike the canyon high and low,

To tread the dried up river bed,

To trust and believe in the beautiful scene.

That within this life’s journey,

In the heat of the day,

And the dryness of this sacred land,

Is a desert so lush in the heart of man.

(msuzanne,   March 28, 2012)

I find great inspiration from many of the daily post on www.photobotos.com.  The places photographed are often beautiful, mystic, and soulful.  Please check out their site and see what it stirs within for you.

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The tranquility that I knew was in the silence of loving you.

Your peace filled my heart and eased all pain,

You gave me a reason to live this life that else wise would be in vain.

Your spirit and vitality have taken control,

As you are the creator of my soul,

You are in my heart that beats and in my mind that thinks

And in my blood that pulses through my veins

You are the salt in my tears and the curls in my hair

You are my breath I breathe in the cold winter air

You are in my very being

Without you Lord…I am nothing

For I am a reflection of your love.

(msuzanne 1974-1979)

Two months ago I found some old journals and poem books from my teenage years stuffed in a box in the basement.  It was this find that reignited my passion for writing spiritual poems.   As I went through these old books, I was amazed by many of my spiritual poems written in the 1970s. I was 14 years old when I started writing poems.  This poem was in a book dated 1974-1979.  I wrote this between the age of 14 to 19 yrs. old. What amazes me is the metaphysical message within when I was raised a strict Catholic.   Now in my 50s I rejoice in the teachings of Earnest Holmes as his every word speaks to my soul.

In the original poem the words “possessor of my soul” was used in line 5 and today I changed it to “creator of my soul.”   As a teenage I often complained about having to do what everyone wanted me to do.  And even went so far as seeing myself under others ownership.  So the word possessor made me smile as I remember that time in my life.   You can read it with either words

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Lord, I was running late you see, when I set off for Sunday Celebration of Thee.

I took the short cut around the town to skip the traffic lights that slow me down.

And I quickly ended up on the Pike thinking now it would be alright.

In a hurry I rushed…

I rushed down the road and passed the horse farm without a hitch.

Then as I turned the bend a little fast I saw the geese in my path.

I hit the brake and stopped in a blast.

Just in time as they march one by one in a straight line.

An elder Goose ran up to the car with a squawk,

“Hey, there is a speed limit here, didn’t you see?”

One by one they came through the bush,

And impatiently I said, “Oh just fly so I can get on by”

And finally as the line seemed to thin the little goslings waddled in.

One after another with mother goose on their tail,

They lolly gagged and sauntered in a childish array, as if they wanted to play.

When all were safely out of the road,

The elder goose squawked, “Go hurry on your way.”

So off I went in a fluster of worry to arrive on time for the Celebration of Thee.

Up the steep hill by the park I flew and over the top my car just sailed.

As I landed on the slope going down the road,

I saw a lady and dog a good distance away.

My immediate thought was, it would be Ok.

So with my foot on the gas I continue on my way.

Yet something was wrong with my approach.

As the old dog was slow and appeared to be stiff.

I hit the brakes and this time the dust flew,

And I scared the old dog and the lady too.

So I smiled and waved with all my love

And under my breath I said,

“Hurry I’m already late. The celebration won’t wait.”

So as I sat and watched

I said, “See Lord it’s just not my fault that I am late today,

All these things are in my way.”

Finally as the dog approached the other side I took off for you.

I blew through a stop sign with easy and some care and arrived with no time to spare.

As I shut down the car, I said, “finally I’m here to give you praise”

And the Lord responded, “You silly girl,

I gave you gifts to see, the order in the geese and new goslings.

I wanted you to stop to see the spirit of me.

The spirit of dog, a divine creature you see.

As I am God and we are one in the same

And share the same letters to our name.

Somehow this morning you’re rushing to me,

Left you blind to my gifts to see.”

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The Poem below was inspired by the photography of Alexandre Deschaumes a featured Photographer on www.Photobotos.com .  This photo was posted today March 25, 2012    “Most Beautiful Valley in the World” – Cerce Valley, France

There is no desolate land that has not the beauty of God’s creative hand.

God the creator of all things, created the majestic earth.

With mountains high, valleys low, volcanoes and rivers that flow.

Heavenly light breaching the darkest terrestrial span

Filling the valley of God’s creation in a spiritual fan.

In the sacredness of this glorious day,

God sends the luminous light to bring beauty to this desolate spot.

Harmonious rays bouncing off the rocks

And reflecting on the water top.

In darkness the Spiritual light will always shine.

It is present where ever the essence of God lives.

It is present in every crater and hill in all divine land,

In the heart and mind of each and every man.

There is nothing in this universe for you and me to see,

 That has not the breathe of God and the love of Thee.

Within the source all life and creations live.

It is your eternal right to find God’s luminous light,

Even in the darkest part of your human heart.

No heart is desolate unless you chose it to be,

 A heart without love.

A heart without Thee.

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Sitting in Darkness I feel you running through my hair,

Like fingers twirling with an intimate loving care.

I look into your eyes as I watch the sparkling of the stars.

And feel your essence consume me.

As I listen to your words in rhythm of the chimes,

I settle into the silence feeling our love entwined.

The crickets are humming a love song so sweet.

I slowly rise to my feet.

You take my hand as we dance to their song.

Swaying and moving me along.

You bring me deep into your essence of life,

It is there I meld in a blissful delight.

It is a dance we have performed so often before,

And in this moment Lord our divine love is eternally adorn.

(msuzanne  March 2012)

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It is in the whisper of the willow that I hear your words;

And in the reflection of the water that I see your face.

The ripples that dance across still pond

Reveal our Divine bond.

As I gaze into the sky I see you winking back at me.

You who has painted sun and clouds so perfectly,

Bathed in warmth of a luminous light,

From within I know all things are aright.         .

It is at this moment that I am one with Thee.

It is my knowing that all you do is for the love of me.

Today I kneel in my garden that blooms.

With outstretch arms I embrace my Heavenly Groom.

It is with my words that you so graciously gave,

I now speak this poem in loving praise.


I had a wonderful visit from my dear friend Peter.   He has an incredible gift of hearing and seeing patterns where the average soul does not.   Thank you Peter for your kind support and editorial assistance.  Together we smoothed out the bumps in this poem that was driving me crazy.

It has been interesting that I have had some people who love this poem and the next poem “Dance in the Night” and others who feel very uncomfortabe with God as a lover as described in both of these poems.  On Sunday July 8, 2012 I attened a service at Temenos Church at Broad Run in West Chester PA  and was delighte to hear and read the Unison Benediction,  “The unfathomable mystery of God is that God is a lover who wants to be loved.  The one who created us is waiting for our response to the love that gave us our being.  God not only says, ‘You are my Beloved’ God also asks, “Do you love me?” and offers us countless chances to say, “Yes.”  Henri J.M. Nouwen

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I awoke early today long before dawn.

Darkness had settled and was sleeping till morn.

I walked to the pond to see fish resting peacefully.

And when I arrived at the water edge

it was as if God spoke,

And all the fish raised their head.

I sat on a stone with only a glimmer of light.

As I watched the fish swim in sheer delight.

I closed my eyes and listened to the water as they played.

And in prayer, I thanked you for the peace of this coming day

I felt you holding me deep within your fold.

As my arms embraced Thee.

And when the cool night wind blew,

I knew it was the universe loving us too!

With your gentleness you rocked me

In rhythm of the celestial air,

And in that moment,

I felt your loving care.

So I leaned my head in,

To the strength of your heavenly source.

And I felt your love within.

Oh Lord,

Thank you for this warm and holy embrace.

And to awaken to you each day in your loving grace.

To sit in the silence of the night awaiting the morn,

Is my earthly delight.

And in this union I am in heaven on earth.

So I sit and watch birth of this God given day.

As this is a gift from you for all in the universe to see,

It is the Truth of Thee!

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