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The tranquility that I knew was in the silence of loving you.

Your peace filled my heart and eased all pain,

You gave me a reason to live this life that else wise would be in vain.

Your spirit and vitality have taken control,

As you are the creator of my soul,

You are in my heart that beats and in my mind that thinks

And in my blood that pulses through my veins

You are the salt in my tears and the curls in my hair

You are my breath I breathe in the cold winter air

You are in my very being

Without you Lord…I am nothing

For I am a reflection of your love.

(msuzanne 1974-1979)

Two months ago I found some old journals and poem books from my teenage years stuffed in a box in the basement.  It was this find that reignited my passion for writing spiritual poems.   As I went through these old books, I was amazed by many of my spiritual poems written in the 1970s. I was 14 years old when I started writing poems.  This poem was in a book dated 1974-1979.  I wrote this between the age of 14 to 19 yrs. old. What amazes me is the metaphysical message within when I was raised a strict Catholic.   Now in my 50s I rejoice in the teachings of Earnest Holmes as his every word speaks to my soul.

In the original poem the words “possessor of my soul” was used in line 5 and today I changed it to “creator of my soul.”   As a teenage I often complained about having to do what everyone wanted me to do.  And even went so far as seeing myself under others ownership.  So the word possessor made me smile as I remember that time in my life.   You can read it with either words


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