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I awoke early today long before dawn.

Darkness had settled and was sleeping till morn.

I walked to the pond to see fish resting peacefully.

And when I arrived at the water edge

it was as if God spoke,

And all the fish raised their head.

I sat on a stone with only a glimmer of light.

As I watched the fish swim in sheer delight.

I closed my eyes and listened to the water as they played.

And in prayer, I thanked you for the peace of this coming day

I felt you holding me deep within your fold.

As my arms embraced Thee.

And when the cool night wind blew,

I knew it was the universe loving us too!

With your gentleness you rocked me

In rhythm of the celestial air,

And in that moment,

I felt your loving care.

So I leaned my head in,

To the strength of your heavenly source.

And I felt your love within.

Oh Lord,

Thank you for this warm and holy embrace.

And to awaken to you each day in your loving grace.

To sit in the silence of the night awaiting the morn,

Is my earthly delight.

And in this union I am in heaven on earth.

So I sit and watch birth of this God given day.

As this is a gift from you for all in the universe to see,

It is the Truth of Thee!


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