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My life is a journey with an unknown plan

I’ve tread through dark water and deep quick sand

For so long Lord I took a path without you

I stumbled and crawled not knowing what to do

And in the silence within I chose to sit out of view

Perhaps it was shame, sadness or greed

That kept me from following your lead

During this time my heart was numb

As I silence the light within

Occasionally, I would glance at you

And you would brighten your light in love of me

Yet, Lord I refused to move any closer to Thee

And when I looked in the mirror I could not see

Your beauty in the reflection of me

There was a hollow wither within

A place of emptiness without you

I tried so hard to fill the space

Yet, the journey of life I accepted without your Grace

While there were times of happiness, success and joy

I could not feel through my chosen void

For so long, Lord I looked for the earthly stuff to fill that place

When all I had to do was to enter your Space

Then one day within the silence of my mind

I lifted my veil for me to see

So now my journey proceeds with you

The path so clear and with each step… I shed my earthly fears

As your beckoning light brightens

My step quickens

For now Lord I am one within Thee

(March 2012)

The Lord has blessed me throughout my life.  Regardless of losing sight of God for a time I am now living in union with Spirit.   I have arrived in the present with Spirit strong and loving within and that is all that matters.

This morning as I sit and write I feel such completeness that God has given me these words and this incredible opportunity to share them with you.  If one or a thousand people read this blog it does not matter.   I will let these words be my song of universal love…universal learning…universal knowing…. These words may resonate within you and may help you start your search for the light within. Or they may feel different than how you know God.   However, my words  impact you it is with good intent I share my experiences and love.   The Truth of God is the Truth of Me…            God Is…I am.


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