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Today I post after a long break since my last post. While I read many post as they came into my email. I made a conscious decision to focus on my spiritual practice within me. Many of you knew I had a fabulous trip to China. While I went to a country I did not know and I did not know what to expect, I found a new and higher level of spiritual awakening.

So it is time for me to turn back outward and reignite my passion for writing spiritual poetry. Thank you all for your wonderful, wise and often needed words. I choose to follow many blogs that lift me up and keep me focused on the light of God. You each play a valuable part in my support system and in my spiritual confidence to stay focused. Namaste!


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There is one God… One Presence, One Universal Spirit…  God is the Infinite Spirit and Limitless Conscious Life within who all live.   I live and embrace the God Spirit that flows within me and is me.    There is one thought…one universal reflection of all that is…

I live in unity with THE ALL, in harmony with Universal Law, in peace with all God’s creations and in love of self and others.  As a divine creation of God I am good…I am worthy…and filled with the spiritual energy that flows through me and in me as I am the manifestation of God’s divine plan.  I am a demonstration of Gods goodness and my opportunities are unlimited.

I chose to live in the present with God’s love and energy indwelling and expressing.  I open my mind to universal knowledge and the divine truth as expressed through God.  I see with my eyes the beauty around me…the simplicity of divinity and the magnificence of Spirit.  I speak with my voice the words that Spirit crafts and with these words I share love and joy with others.  My heart is open for the Energy of God to express through love given and received.  It is God’s divine intent that I am deserving of love and loving and I allow my heart to release and receive.  In an open embrace I accept the joys this day brings and I know it is God’s will that I receive all goodness and grace of life.  I allow my feet to travel where the Lord leads me.   I trust in the Spirits manifestation through me as a divine expression of thoughts and joy.  So today I chose to walk within the limitless consciousness of God.  I stand in the light of Knowing that God’s thoughts demonstrate truth….joy…love…and abundance.  I am that Truth…as God is me…and God’s thoughts are my thoughts.  I am the very essence of the divine Universal Energy.   God creates with purpose…with perfection so there can only be perfection in my life with God today.

I am eternally grateful for my unity with God… for the divine experience of thought and the physical reflection this Universal Spirit produces.  My gratitude  over flows as I live in the abundance of this creative process…The God Process…The universal law…and the truth of this law.

I release this prayer knowing the reflection of these thoughts and words will be done…and so it is.


Over these past 10 months I have been learning about a new way of praying called, Affirmative Prayer.  I would like to share a prayer I wrote to bring in the Abundance of Joy into my life.  The past three years of my life have been marked by great change, much I controlled and some I did not.  What my spiritual teachers have been teaching me is I can choose to bring joy into my life.  So this pray is about experiencing God’s joy, seeing the beauty of God’s creativity and allowing myself to be led.  For several weeks after I wrote this I said it every morning and many evenings.  It is my belief that this pray with other prayers I wrote have been answered by the words in poetry that I have been posting.  God has so graciously blessed me as his words flow through my fingers to the computer screen.    If this prayer speaks to you please feel free to use it.

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I trust and believe…

In you my Lord above

I trust and believe ….

In the magnificence of Spirit’s Love

I trust and believe….

In my Lords divinity

I trust and believe…

That I live within Thee

With Spirit as my source I trust and believe

That all in the universe is this incredible force

I trust and believe

You made the cool spring rain

I trust and believe

Your words are in the gentle breeze

I trust and believe

You are the harmony of all living things

I know that is you Lord

In the singing of the chimes

As I hear your words bring comfort within my mind

I trust and believe Lord

That in this day all my fears fade away

I trust and believe there is no better place for me

Then living within your divinity

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My life is a journey with an unknown plan

I’ve tread through dark water and deep quick sand

For so long Lord I took a path without you

I stumbled and crawled not knowing what to do

And in the silence within I chose to sit out of view

Perhaps it was shame, sadness or greed

That kept me from following your lead

During this time my heart was numb

As I silence the light within

Occasionally, I would glance at you

And you would brighten your light in love of me

Yet, Lord I refused to move any closer to Thee

And when I looked in the mirror I could not see

Your beauty in the reflection of me

There was a hollow wither within

A place of emptiness without you

I tried so hard to fill the space

Yet, the journey of life I accepted without your Grace

While there were times of happiness, success and joy

I could not feel through my chosen void

For so long, Lord I looked for the earthly stuff to fill that place

When all I had to do was to enter your Space

Then one day within the silence of my mind

I lifted my veil for me to see

So now my journey proceeds with you

The path so clear and with each step… I shed my earthly fears

As your beckoning light brightens

My step quickens

For now Lord I am one within Thee

(March 2012)

The Lord has blessed me throughout my life.  Regardless of losing sight of God for a time I am now living in union with Spirit.   I have arrived in the present with Spirit strong and loving within and that is all that matters.

This morning as I sit and write I feel such completeness that God has given me these words and this incredible opportunity to share them with you.  If one or a thousand people read this blog it does not matter.   I will let these words be my song of universal love…universal learning…universal knowing…. These words may resonate within you and may help you start your search for the light within. Or they may feel different than how you know God.   However, my words  impact you it is with good intent I share my experiences and love.   The Truth of God is the Truth of Me…            God Is…I am.

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