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Aurora Borealis – Marc Adamus – Featured Photographer,

www.photobotos.com on April 12, 2012

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There is a land in which I dream

To climb the mountains and swim the stream.

A celestial place in hues of green.

Were the still water is a reflecting glass,

For all to see what is in their path.

It is a place of divine grace

That fills the empty human space.

A place to find the answers to your prayers.

As the color of the sky transforms the land

You know the Truth of God is at hand.

It is where God whispers in the quiet voice.

That you are deserving of all your dreams.

So look into the looking glass and grasp

The magnificence of Spirit and the beauty of Divinity.

Close your eyes and hear the winds as they whisk on by,

Feel the love from the One who embraces you.

You are cherished, loved and adored.

You are the greatest gift from the Lord.

(msuzanne, April 12, 2012)

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Becoming a blogger has open my world from the small microcosm in which I live to seeing the diversity on this incredible earth.   And today’s poem, I dedicate to a blogger from Indonesia whose words echo within me as a statement of truth for where I have been, where I am, and where I am going.   It has taken me 5 decades to embrace life and to offer up to God each day the things that stand in my path of joy, love, and prosperity.  The words in this poem flowed with the image of Mei  in my mind and heart.   www.meirozavian.wordpress.com  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and world with me.


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The Poem below was inspired by the photography of Alexandre Deschaumes a featured Photographer on www.Photobotos.com .  This photo was posted today March 25, 2012    “Most Beautiful Valley in the World” – Cerce Valley, France

There is no desolate land that has not the beauty of God’s creative hand.

God the creator of all things, created the majestic earth.

With mountains high, valleys low, volcanoes and rivers that flow.

Heavenly light breaching the darkest terrestrial span

Filling the valley of God’s creation in a spiritual fan.

In the sacredness of this glorious day,

God sends the luminous light to bring beauty to this desolate spot.

Harmonious rays bouncing off the rocks

And reflecting on the water top.

In darkness the Spiritual light will always shine.

It is present where ever the essence of God lives.

It is present in every crater and hill in all divine land,

In the heart and mind of each and every man.

There is nothing in this universe for you and me to see,

 That has not the breathe of God and the love of Thee.

Within the source all life and creations live.

It is your eternal right to find God’s luminous light,

Even in the darkest part of your human heart.

No heart is desolate unless you chose it to be,

 A heart without love.

A heart without Thee.

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