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Reader Appreciation Award

I am most grateful to Soumyav who is an incredible inspiration and very encouraging to me. While I have felt a tad overwhelmed by the attention these awards bring…I know it is all in “love and light” from the Spirit, that has united inspirational and spiritual bloggers to raise the vibrations in consciousness of the universe. I am most grateful to share in the Universal plan to support the movement of all humanity into the love and light of God.

I love the statement that Soumyav placed on her award post, ” We as bloggers and readers are always felt awarded when we have received comments and likes on our posts. The presence of readers are in fact awards to us…”   This is so true as there is an excitement I feel every time I see I have a comment. It is always wonderful to know that other bloggers support and enjoy my words…I would like to honor the readers who are not as visible. They are those that comment via their email, phone calls, and follow via their email. Their comments are often not posted for everyone to see. They are the silent and faithful readers who continue to encourage me.

  • Rose – a wonderful friend from my spiritual center whose devotion is inspiring.
  • Peter – a faithful friend that “loves me to pieces,” as he would say. He is blessed by spirit with an incredible mind and gift that lifts him above all rest.
  • Donna – a friend and colleague who followed the blog faithfully from the beginning not realizing the poems were written by me… Her wonderful surprise when she put the msuzanneb together with my name was of excitement and joy. I replay that phone call over and over in my head when she explained her realization and shared her excitement.
  • George a wonderful elderly family friend who encourages me with all my writing.
  • My Mother at 86 loves my writing and is always supportive of me.

While these people are not bloggers their words of encouragement and joy inspire me.  Thank you!


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