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First Light WM

“First Light” – Valdivia, Chile – Charles Brooks – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com June 14, 2012


Silent night…a soundless blight,

A place of fright,

Resonates through the night.

In the darkness grows

The noiseless fight.

For some a place where agony

Vibrates throughout the soul’s plight.

The mind needs rest

In-bosomed in God’s breast.

In consciousness invest

In the merging of the best.

The best of humanity leaving behind

The human unrest.

Transform the thought from colorless dreams

To visions of love that stream in wistful things.

Love, and hate abates…

Joy, and pains quells…

Create, and emptiness fades…

Trust, and dreams do grow…

Believe, and your heart will sing…

The impulse of your essence will radiate

For all to know the universe vibrates

Of Love, that cultivates.



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