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color rain drops

Color Rain” – France – Francois Dorothe – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com     June 3, 2012


What prism do I see my life?

Is it through the eyes of love,

Or the veil of pain?

On what path did I chose to travel?

Is it with God

Or is all alone,

Locked in my human brain.

A place without sight of the glorious light,

A place where my choice

Can be blame.

Who am I to possess the Eternal Flame?

Who am I to scream at the sky,

That my fate is

God’s blame?

Who am I to close my eyes

To the beauty that is there?

Who am I to reject love,

From the Infinite above?

Who am I to reject

My place within the


Who am I?

Who am I?

I am…I say

A Child of God

With Eternal Life,

Love of the Holy Core,

Divinity created by the Lord.

God is…

God is…

“I am”

God creates with Love

There is no rejection

From the Spirit above.

There is no apprehension

Of the sacredness

Of all that exist on this earth.

Who am I ?

Who is God?

God is…I am.

I am one,

Within the one,

Within the Infinite

Within the Eternal Flame.

I am one with God.

With love

Without blame.

I am

I am

God is…I am

And Is all…I am

I  am…

I am…


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The Truth of Thee

Is seen in the glory of a tree.

The magnificence of the Lord

Is seen in the tiniest insect that be.

The Love of God

Is in every living thing.

The Joy of Spirit

Is in the birth of life.

It is within the Almighties Light

That the universe exists

And the Love flourishes

Of which we are nourished.

The Power of the Creator

Is in the humanity of all,

For it is God who speaks our beckoning call.

Our call to embrace all his creativity

Regardless of religion or race.

Regardless of manmade law

We are one in the bosom of the Lord.

Each and every one of us is adored.

For it is in the Truth of the Lord.

It is Divine Law.

God is…you are…I am

One in all.

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