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Within the darkness

I hang my head in sorrow.

Within the darkness

I lose sight of tomorrow.

Within the darkness

 My love festers.

Within the darkness

My light is dim.

Within the darkness

Joy lingers.

Within the darkness

I raise my eyes to Thee.

Within the darkness

The old fades away.

Within the darkness

The new is born.

From the darkness comes

What I am looking for.

I find my way by the light of my soul.

I find my love still burning like coal.

I find my path you lead me so freely.

I find my words you gave to me.

I find my heart

You so embrace within me.

Within the light I shine

Within the light I dine.

I dine on the Eternal feast

You so graciously prepared for me.

Within the light I live

Where an overflowing joy abounds.

Within your source I exist

I exist within heart and mind.

I exist within my cells and organs.

I exist as millions of particles

And all in unity of one.

My one

A one of trillions within this universe.

And trillions within the One.

All within One Source

The One Power

The One Love

The One God and Force.

The Manifesting One

That lives within me.

There is completeness

Within this Unity.


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