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Truth or Illusion

what will it be?

There is no illusions

you see,

in the love of Thee.

For this world

is created so perfectly,

just as it was meant to be.

The illusions that have entwined

the human race

is held in the mind of man,

And on its own

it exists without God’s Grace.

In Gods perfect order

the illusions will melt away

As all humans

will live in the Truth

on this holy day.

It is the truth that sets us free

It is the truth that spreads the love of Thee.

The world’s political scene

is a house of mirrors

that projects lust and greed.

So open your mind and heart today

to the truth of God’s Glory

and all the blessings you see,

will never fade away.

No human will starve nor die from neglect.

No man, woman or child will be suppressed.

For illusions created in the mind of man

Are with intent

To take control

of the human soul,

and to play

the dominant role.

It is this illusion

that hides the truth

That creates the fears

that reflect in the house of mirrors.

So step into God’s light

and embrace your eternal right.

Your right to love, live and prosper

Within this earthly plane.

Your right to see the God in you

And the divinity in others too.

Put down your weapons and leave the fight.

In the mind of God there is no place

For hate against another in the human race.

This poem came from a discussion with a friend Tony who was discussing his dream that  financial illusions of our world will fade away.    Thus this poem started its descend from the universe.  It is my dream the illusions of hate and fear go away.  What illusion would you like to see from your story melt away?


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