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Erupting Volcano – Johannes Gunnar – Featured Photographer   www.photobotos.com

Eyjafjallajökull  Glacier, Iceland

Erupting Volcano

In the volcano that erupts

There is a heavenly energy source,

That surges through our earthly core.

Coursing through the veins of the universe,

Is a power so great that transforms

The land that it disintegrates.

In this world of hot and cold,

There is a place for both to stand side by side.

For the volcano to erupt from the ice,

For the heat to embrace the cold,

For the heart of God

To heal the injured soul.

All is good in God’s creative universe.

From the largest of mountains to the tiniest of insects that I can see,

There is the breath and thoughts of God visible for all Eternity.

From One Source, The Creator of all brings us beauty and tranquility,

In the flowers that grow and the trees that bud,

It is the divine message of God’s Love.

Hidden within the core is the heart of the Lord.

Overflowing with love for all to see,

The lava that spews is a divinity.

The duality of this picture of volcano and ice is the

Truth of the expansiveness of God’s creativity.

From ice so many ages ago came the lands we now sow.

From the heat of volcanos past came the newest of all that last.

In this universe and for the entire world to see

Is a perfect picture of God’s unity.


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