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Drowning in a deep dark abyss

Plummeting beneath the sea.

Grabbing for the light of day

Not knowing which way I lay.

Swirling out of control in a place

Without sight of my Soul.

It is the hole that calls my name.

Where dim goes my spiritual flame,

And my aching heart is drained.

It is a place I take myself

When I feel so ashamed.

A sea of sorrow

A land without tomorrow.

A self-inflicted pain

Loathing is so vain.

There is no joy in this state of mind.

No life when you want to die.

In the abyss I open my eyes.

Scared by what I see

I hit the rocks

Trying to get free.

In this darkness light does shine

For the love of God has always been mine.

The light reaching out to me

Is the hand of God embracing me

Never letting go of the Spirit in me.

It is God’s light that illuminates

The path for my destiny.


There have been times in my life when things have felt difficult and the path to take was not clear.  This poem is a reflection of the place that I have emerged from and over the past 8 months I have been transforming in the light of God.  I have never been happier with more joy and inner peace.   So I thank God for leading me to the place where I now stand.  There are still bumps ahead and that is OK.  With my Spirit and my unity within the source these bumps will not alter my divine course.


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