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Natural Cathedral

The Natural Cathedral

“La Cathédrale Naturelle”– Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 Lars van der Goor – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 18, 2012


I kneel to pray

In the cathedral beneath the trees

In the mist of heavenly tranquility.

It is here that I lay

My heart and spirit today.

Beneath the lacy tops

Of the trees that prop the

Cathedral within the Lord’s Divinity.

It is a wonder to know

That where ever I go

I stand in holy land.

For all within this universe

Is a reflection of The Spirit so diverse.

So diverse to create a home

For the leopards and apes.

A place for the entire human race.

So where ever you are

Drop to your knees and say,

“Thank you Lord for this incredible day.”

And open your eyes and heart to

Those you see

And just know we are all

Of God’s Divinity.


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