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Natural Cathedral

The Natural Cathedral

“La Cathédrale Naturelle”– Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 Lars van der Goor – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 18, 2012


I kneel to pray

In the cathedral beneath the trees

In the mist of heavenly tranquility.

It is here that I lay

My heart and spirit today.

Beneath the lacy tops

Of the trees that prop the

Cathedral within the Lord’s Divinity.

It is a wonder to know

That where ever I go

I stand in holy land.

For all within this universe

Is a reflection of The Spirit so diverse.

So diverse to create a home

For the leopards and apes.

A place for the entire human race.

So where ever you are

Drop to your knees and say,

“Thank you Lord for this incredible day.”

And open your eyes and heart to

Those you see

And just know we are all

Of God’s Divinity.


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Swinging Baby Bonobo

Swinging Baby Bonobo   “In Dreams I Can Fly” 

Apenheul Primate Park, The Netherlands

Manuela Kulpa – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 16, 2012


With each infant born

Is the dream of harmony.

Love of the world it sees,

Not knowing any negativity

That lives beyond its tree.

A life so precious, a heart so pure,

Behind closed lids he absorbs

The warmth of the suns’ loving kiss.

Each species is of the heavenly race,

And deserves to live within God’s Grace.

A manifestation of God’s creativity

Swims in oceans, runs through the land,

And swings in trees

With the use of his hands.

Each life form flows

From the essence of the Lord.

In the universe so vast

It is God’s wish for every species

To walk its unique Divine path.

Once again, I must give thanks to my friend Peter who helped me smooth over the bumps in this poem.  Over the past few days I have played with this and did not feel satisfied.  A beautiful spirit as in this little monkey deserved words that reflect its inherent divinity.      I hope you find the love for this little guy that I have.  The Universal Mother Father God, that I believe we all pray, has created a divine path for all creatures and human on this planet.  It is our responsibility to live in unity with all within the universe.

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