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Coral Garden - Floris van Breugel

“Coral Garden”, Ofu Island, American Samoa

Floris van Breugel – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 24, 2012


The coral beneath the sea

Is a treasure chest

Of God’s creativity.

The colors of the coral

Are a rainbow for all to see.

The sea of God

It is laid out so beautifully.

With life that exist in many forms

From the fish that swim, the snails that crawl,

The crabs and lobster are creatures with claws.

The life so abundant beneath the sea

Is just a glimpse of God’s creativity.

The water exists in a droplet form

And in unity the ocean is born.

The abundance of this universe

Is seen in all places across the earth.

Across the land and into the sky

The breath of the Lord

Reaches so high.

It is the core of the Lord

That gives us form.

It is the Breath

That fills our lungs

When we were first born. 

The diversity of the Lord’s creativity

Is seen so perfectly  

In all unique life forms.

All which exist within Thee

Whether on land, in water, or sky

Does not matter.

All creatures great and small

All humans regardless of race, religion or color

Are all united within God’s grace. 



I would like to thank everyone who read my poems.  I receive great joy from writing and sharing them.  I feel very blessed to be the scribe for God’s creativity that manifests through these words.  Please feel free to comment even if you want to share how you would say it differently or see it differently.  I have so much to learn about God’s universe.  And so much to learn about each of you, where you live and what you think.   It is in God’s divine plan that I open my mind and heart to all.  Thank you for sharing in my journey.      


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