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“Of worth I have no season no story left to tell.”

Of hope I have all reason to leave the living hell.

A paper thin skin with little good to give,

no protection from the illusions my life did spin.

Shed of me my ego’s shallow shell.

Leave me basting in purgatory’s well.

My skinless corpse of eons of age,

With more hope than at any other phase

my soul a blaze from the eternal light

My frosted heart melts from the love of God’s sight.

Wrapped in luminous light is this soul’s new flight.

The breath of the lord is the wind that soars.

“My wilderness afire wings are raised immortal to the night”

For my spirit to live forever in light.

The beauty of poetry is in the message to the reader…while it comes from the depth of heart and soul of the poet, it reaches the ears of others and resonates within them as they can and need to hear.

This poem was inspired by Bobbie at Tornadoday.wordpress.com  “ The lines in quotes,” are Bobbies words that inspired this piece. Visit Bobbie’s site to read wonderful poetry and receive inspiration and encouragement.  Namaste, mary


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A heart that is young

Will never grow old.

A heart that loves

Will never grow cold.

A heart that is rooted in the right place

Will always be kind and full of grace.

A heart that is always open

Will find itself in everything it meets.

A heart that reaches out

Will be a heart that receives.


Today I dedicate this poem to a dear long-time friend.  She is affectionately known to me as ShaSha and has been my best friend since we were 4 years old.  Even when friends don’t talk every day they often have a special bond that allows communication on different levels.  And Sha and I have that bond.   This poem is from my youth and I share it today with love for my ShaSha.  May the burden in your heart be lifted.  I love you!

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