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Forgotten Coastal Portugal

“Forgotten” – Coast of Portugal – Nelson Bolinhas – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  May 24, 2012


Let us forget about sin.

To the Spirit within

Sin is just a hell on earth.

A thought of confusion

Born to this place and time.

It is a mind without clarity.

A mind without truth

Of the love of God.

Sin is in the shade of gray

Where spiritual light

Has faded away.

So quickly turn back to the light

And enter the consciousness of the Lord.

For on your journey it is always there.

On your journey sin is only a lapse in mind

It has no power or commitment to you.

It only imitates the right thing to do.

With your eyes on your inner light

All things will be aright.

For there is no sin

Within the universe.

For God is Love and

Not a curse.



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