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In the garden of the Lord

The beauty transforms

The earthly plight into

A heavenly delight.

The flowers that bloom

The bees that buzz

The birds that sing

And the trees

Are all gifts of Divine love.

The One Power

The One Source

Is a reckoning force.

The force that creates

From the holy core.

The source of all

In the universe.

The Spirit that flows

Through everything.

The Spirit that is in me.

Within this world

I live in unity.

Within the Spirit

Is my Eternal Divinity.

Within the garden

Of the Lord

Is life with harmony.

It is the place

That transcends human death

And hate.

A garden where there is no lock or gate.

A space where differences dissipate.

There is no disregard of anyone

In the human race.

It is the place

Where love procreates.


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