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Dew Drops upon the rose

Glimmer in the light as the sun rose

The freshness of the day filled the air

As a crisp wind was blowing through my hair

As each moment slipped away

So did the silence of the new day

The sweet music of the animals and birds

Was giving dimensions to a story with no words

It was in the silence that I knelt and prayed

As I thanked the Lord for the coming of a new day


I wrote this poem in 1976 when I was on a teen retreat with the Catholic Youth Organization.  I sat on my balcony of the lodge and watched the sun rise. It was a very touching moment for me as I felt so connected to the universe and God in that moment.

It is sad but true when I wrote this I loved it yet, was so afraid to share it.  I was afraid it wasn’t original.  Maybe I read it somewhere and just remembered it.  Over the years I shared it a few times but always said “Author unknown.”  So today I share it and no matter whom on this earthly plane wrote it…the Author is always God.


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