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Beautiful Blogger Award

I want to thank Soumyav for this very thoughtful nomination.  She has been a great inspiration to me with her beautiful poetry and the diversity in her thoughts and writing.  Blogging has brought me great joy and love hearing from others in this world that I would never have met without the internet.  Thank you!

  1. Nominate other blogs that you enjoy to receive this award.
  • http://meirozavian.wordpress.com  Mei’s blog was one of the first blog’s I started to follow. And this blog has never disappointed me.  She is a very insightful writer who shares the depths of emotions and experiences.  Mei also uses the writings of our great poets to create a platform for emotional and spiritual growth.
  • http://malouprestado.com  Malou’s blog is full of beautiful pictures and wonderful entries on her travels, family, experiences and some great recipes.  After reading her blog I often feel as if I have been traveling with her.
  • http://www.apoetsjournal.wordpress.com Carol is a fun and light hearted blogger.  In her time on the internet she has been developing a beautiful blog with thoughtful post and awesome photographs. Check out her poetry
  • www.clownrhyms.wordpress.com I have been very impressed with this blog as Corey is a fun poet to follow.  His site is open to others and he host poetry challenges.  I think what impresses me the most, besides his young age, is his commitment to highlighting work that are thought provoking and elevate the social consciousness of his readers.

While I have nominated four blogs here I know there are many others in the blogging community that are worthy of being honored.  It is evident to me that it is important to keep myself open to other blogs as they all support my personal and spiritual growth.  Also, the diversity in all these blogs are helping me to grow in my craft and have highlighted my desire to expand how I write poetry.   So stay tuned as I start to learn more about the poetry craft to expand my use of words and imagery.


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