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Silent Reflection

Silent Reflection (HDR) – Loch Rusky, Scotland – Karl Williams

photo posted on Photobotos.com 9/23/2012

There is a silent reflection of the world turned upside down,

In a thought cloud spinning the universe,

Around and around.

A cloud of confusion, loss and hate,

A cloud that must dissipate.

Within the heart of God tears do fall,

As the love of humans turns to hate,

Unrest breeds and denies Divine fate.

In the sadness of human life,

The beauty of God deserted by man.

The beauty still there is hidden by hate.

It is the chains of anger and greed,

That created this cloud spinning the world

Into a place we cannot retreat.

The rays of the sun and moon vibrate alone,

The life within whittled down to the bone.

The colors of flowers fading without light,

As the human arms are raised to fight.

Within our hearts and mind God cries to us,

“Put down the guns and turn from hate…

For I cannot allow this cloud to procreate.”

All that is…is within the mind of the All,

And the ALL can never fall.

So on the earth where the humans live,

Where free choice a gift may soon not exist.

Within God, hate will not grow.

As the Spirit is the essence of All.

Human life exist within the mind of God,

And hate and greed will succumb to Divine fate.

The Lord will save his beloved souls from the human fight.

As the earth spins away

Leaving the cloud to dissipate.

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