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“Late Autumn Japanese Maple” – Mill Valley, California – Ed Callaert – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  June 16, 2012

Japanese Maple

The roots of a tree grow deep into the Core,

The branches reach high into the heavenly floor.

The leaves bursting with color

Filter the light.

My heart beats in resonance with the Lord.

My mind searches for more.

Like blood through the veins,

The essence of God flows through everything.

Within the universe I stand

Amongst the immortal,

The Essence of God

My life’s portal.

My heart like the leaf

Connected to the vine.

Each leaf unique

Grows in the light that shines,

An intricate part of the Universal Mind.

(“Daphne” London, England  www.photobotos.com Patrick Nicholas)

It is the trunk of the tree

That gives life to the sacred leaf.

It is the roots that anchor the tree,

To the core of the Lord.

All in humanity connected

Like the leaf on a vine.

All strung together

In Universal Mind.


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