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In early June I was blessed with another award nomination by Tanumoy Biswas the Nomadic Soliquist. Tanumoy nominated me for the “Galore A foursome Treat,” Award. While I have been delayed in posting I am most appreciative and blessed to have this honor.

Tanumoy has a very vibrant and enjoyable site. He is a poet, philosopher and an artist. You’ll love the music that plays as you get drawn into his words. One of the striking things for me about Tanumoy and his site is the thought that goes into every banner, and saying he post. One such banner reads, “The unexamined life is not worth living” by Socrates. At first I thought how wrong, every life is worth living. Yet, each time I have come to his site this message has been unraveling a deeper understanding.  As I look back within my own life I recognize the truth of these words. I once went through life with monotony and living to expectations I did not understand nor did I believe them to be my own. It took looking deep within to find myself and to embrace the great joy of living.  So the wisdom of Tanumoy’s site is forever unfolding in me and I thank him for this wonderful blessing.
You can visit Tanumoy Biswas at http://www.nomadicsoliquist.wordpress.com
Namaste, Mary


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